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Aesthetic Treatments For Battling Cellulite

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Disclaimer: I wrote this article with the purpose of introducing various beauty treatments in the market and explaining what they are about. I am in no way implying that people with cellulite issues should use these treatments.


If your dimpled butt I and lumpy thighs are I stopping you from I slipping into that sexy mini, you're not alone. In response to the growing demand, the beauty industry has lined up a dazzling array of creams, pills, massages and surgical procedures, each claiming to be the ultimate solution to this knotty problem. With so many available 'solutions', how can you make the right choice?



Retinoid: Retinoid tightens and strengthens overlying skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite. However, this effect only lasts for as long as the cream is used.

Anti-cellulite creams: anti-cellulite creams further claim to induce the metabolism of fat. These creams usually contain caffeine, aminophylline or forskolin. The best time to use anti-cellulite cream would be at night, when the skin is most permeable.



Free radicals: They are believed to contribute to the ageing process and cause many degenerative diseases. It is proposed that these free radicals also damage fat calls, causing them to degenerate and develop the appearance of cellulite. Examples of anti-oxidants include juniper berries, black and green teas, grape seed bioflovonoids and co-enzyme Q10.



Massages: A massage is not only an indulgence but may also smoothen cellulite by improving circulation within cellulite tissues. This stimulates the drainage of fluids trapped within fats cells and reduces the swollen appearance of cellulite.


Endermologie: A machine-assisted massage invented in France, has been used fairly extensively to improve cellulite. This machine works by rolling and sucking to smooth out the contours of cellulite. However, expect to go for several treatment sessions before seeing results.


Quick Solutions

Liposuction: If it's fast and dramatic results you want, surgery is the way to go. The most common problem associated with liposuction is the uneven removal of fat, which may result in unsightly humps and grooves after the operation. Other uncommon side effects include infection and haemorrhage. However, when performed by a skilled surgeon, these undesirable side effects are rare.


Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy involves the injection of an enzyme directly into cellulite to reduce damaged connective tissue and improve the appearance of cellulite. It is recommended that mesotherapy be used in tandem with carbon dioxide and electrofrequency heat to eliminate fat cells. Be warned though, that mesoconcoctions are yet to be regulated by health science authorities and may contain unsafe ingredients.


Whatever your choice may be, combine exercise with a well-balanced diet, and you'll soon find that you not only have a shapelier body, but a healthier one as well.

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