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The Env2 Review// (vs Env1 Comparisons)

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Ive had the luck of owning both the previous version of the env, and now the env2.


& i must say i am disspointed about the env2, first off because of all the advertising & reviews in websites, which bash the old env, & claim how the env2 is soo much better, ill list the basics


1. The design itself from far awar, is more digital & professional props up on that, sort of reminds me of the sidekick slide// (when the phone is opened)


*handling is a whole other issue though:

the front display is tiny// they should have made it a bit longer, since one of the best features of the previous env was the ability to see yourself on the external display when taking a picture (more on the camera later)


- as far is the number dialing// it is better, but the commands & other keys such as END, CLEAR & SEND are a bit awkward and you will find yourself clicking the number 3 a lot. & the menu on the outside isnt as attractive looking or usefull as it was on the old env.


2. The inside of the phone//


The keys them self feel a bit more right, because you can actually feel when you press each letter, the keys are closer to eachother also.. & you will have some trouble using the SYM command// the actual phone when you hold it though, doesnt feel as right as the old one, it is smaller/ & it is hard to find a place to rest your fingers when you hold the phone.


*The appearance of the menus are so much better than the env1// no more annoying blue line across your screen +1


3.The Camera// the apperance of it is slicker, since its just built in the phone, the autofocus has improved as well.


*you will have a difficult time w/ the zoom, since you have to unlock this feature by changing the picture size. im a big photography person, & the lighting itself of the camera is a bit weird// ive messed with the settings and have yet failed to make it as accurate as the env1 default settings


- there is no protective shield for the camera lense, so i suggest you do not scratch that area/drop your phone


& the camera has no flash; the phone is an over 2 year update, i would have expected the camera to upgrade to at least 3 megapixels.


it is definitely a better phone than the lg rummor// the voyager & SOME models of sidekicks though

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