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Flash Vs. Html Questions about flash and html

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Hey all, I have a question. Being that this is all based on personal opinion, feel free to share how you feel. I would also love to know *why* you feel that way.The question is regarding websites, and their setup.The first part of it is regarding "flashing" a site. I am interested in doing a flash site, but I would love it to be able to account for a large website. I would much rather roll with flash rather than a CMS, and if not flash I will just do HTML.So the question there is...Is it possible to do a larger site using flash, or is it only good for smaller ones? By large I mean hundreds of pages.The second question is...Regarding flash sites, do you think it is possible to get a solid transition between that and a html site? I would rather it not just be an entry to my website, but I have thought about splitting it into a few parts. More or less the website as a whole will have reviews, game strategies, forums, and other information. So I could use it as follows:1)You open the site to a flash presentation, giving a quick overview of the site and it's purposes(with a skip button, if you would like).2)After that presentation is over, it would supply you with a flash navigation bar of the various things on the site, in a great layout.3)If you clicked for example, "Games" > "Lineage II" > "Strategies" it would open up a normal webpage with the strategies. This would be a HTML page with all of the information requested there. It would keep the navigation(flash) bar open on your screen so that you can refer back to it if needed. The html pages would also include a link to "Home" which is the flash animation again.So the biggest question is, how would you feel about a site that worked in that manner? Would it be interesting to you, would the flash be overwhelming? I can think of so many things to use the flash for, but I also want to ensure a nice transition between the two settings.Anyone happen to have any input on it or how to make it work?

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