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8 Software Programs For Better Office Management

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I saw this article the other day about some office management software that might help a business out and I have to say a few of them have caught my eye.

1. PolicyPak

PolicyPak is a tool you can use to create Group Policy "Paks" that can manage apps like Acrobat Reader, Firefox, Skype. It handles all sorts of apps that currently are a nightmare for a network admin -- or require a ton of work in creating or customizing ADM templates.

I definitely like this software package just because it adds more customization and the fact that it might make it a lot easier to lock down a system or customize it to suit your business to keep your works busy instead of playing solitaire.

2. ClipTraining

ClipTraining is a flexible, task-oriented video training tool that users can easily alter in order to meet precise software training needs. ClipTraining offers a hosted training portal, internal portal hosted on your server or on the ClipTraining appliance CheeTAh. You can even create customized training clips.

Personally I think this service is kind of outdated now just because all you need is computer recording software, which you can find for free, and a mic, and a youtube account and your set. Besides its $25 or $100 a year, now the question is who set that deal up because it is either $300 a year for $25 a month or $100 a year but either way there are more free ways to get your training videos set up.

3. Password Reminder Pro

Password Reminder Pro is a tool for monitoring and auditing passwords in an Active Directory environment. Password Reminder Pro provides alerts for expiring passwords both for internal and external users. The software offers a full reporting and alert system to help keep your organization secure and in compliance.

Although I never work in a network environment that required me to monitor computers and set up accounts Ii do software likes with its good points and bad points, the good points would be the automation of the software and the less work you have to and what not, but the bad point would be that all the passwords would be located on one piece of software and not properly secured. Odds are though that there might be more efficient ways for setting up the automation process and making sure passwords are under lock and key.

4. HiveWare

HiveWare for Word is a document collaboration tool for Microsoft Word that allows two or more users to edit an active document at the same time without interfering with each other. Hiveware for Word is an add-on that uses peer-to-peer technology to share documents that evolve in real time as users collaborates.

Now this little program I like and I would think anyone could use this program, especially students who are working on group projects and need to write up a paper quickly and with everyone's input. Of course, the business applications to this are ten fold because because the of the time it would cut down on typing something up.

5. Open VPN

Open VPN is a full featured SSL VPN solution that is easy to configure and manage. Because it is open source, it is also priced right for IT pros needing to add secure access on a budget.

The only downside, to me at least, that this software is open source meaning a well rounded computer person can find the security loop holes in this program and exploit it. Of course, if yo uhave that same rounded person odds are you could find the same holes as well to help secure the system a bit more.

6. Excito Bubba Server

Excito Bubba Server is a full featured Web-based server (running a Debian Linux distribution) that provides all the power of a full sized server in a small form factor. Bubba II adds Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 and eSATA connectors.

From looking at a website if your looking for a low cost server then this might be for you, especially if your running several home computers, got an WI-FI enabled devices and stuff like that. Interestingly enough odds are you could use Open VPN to add a bit more security to that server and what is even more interesting at this post you could start a small business with what has been provided so far or in fact provide a small hosting company as well.

7. Windows 2008 Server Core Configurator

Windows 2008 Server Core Configurator is for those who want the security of Server 2008 core, but have not quite gotten used to the command line feel yet. Here is a GUI tool to help you configure your core server easily.

Well this might be useful for those working in a windows server environment or rather using Windows server 2008 and looking for some fast configuration.

8. Open IT Online

Open IT Online is a plug-in for Firefox that allows you to open and edit your documents wherever you are. The extension allows you to also open and edit spreadsheets, presentations and image files.

Downloaded and installed, I haven't given it a run yet but it should be interesting how this tool works and puts open office out of business :).



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I would like to add more Software recommendation to this post..


1) 37Signals: For those who are freelancers or do own small business on the web can take benefit from 37signals. Most of the services of theirs are free. For additional features you've to pay very nominal fee. Try their site here http://37signals.com/ Some services like backpack, to-dollist, campfire etc.


2) ZohoOffice: Some of the services like Office invoices, Online Document creator (like google docs) and more feature targetting for small business.


3) Solodox: This is alternative to Google docs, you can use it if you're having trouble with google gears and google docs on your computer/browser.


There are plenty of other service, i found this list of Smashingmagazine informative for Project Management.

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