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Is The Futureof Computing Free? Is computing going to become the internet?

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NOTE: before a moderator moves or removes this post, is is very much related to the internet!I was thinking about the future of computing and wondering: Is computing becoming the internet.What I mean is, many things which use to require expensive software, can now be done online! For instance, google just launched an online office software package - free, and pretty much the same interface as microsoft office!Email applications are now more common online than as software, and often more use than things such as microsoft outlook!Microsoft provide free online storage, and sharing. And many sites offer online image editing, or file conversions.All of these things would have required software or hardware a few years ago. Also, webbooks are becoming more common, as well as fast browsers in things like PDAs and mobile phones!So, is the future of computing, a cheap laptop and a fast internet connection?In many cases, there are not many advantages of paying for software, so will software one day, be online?Also, using online software also has huge advantages of its own, for instance, you rarely need to replace computer hardware to use online software. No downloading or going out and buying software, just instant access.You can share files online, with people hundred of miles away. The storage is very reliable, and ofter VERY secure (obviously security would be an issue, but most online software allows you to download what you made using it, and there are online utilities for encrypting files)But the internet is not only overtaking software, but, real life.For instance, you no longer need to sit in front of your TV to watch programes, just download them, watch them online, or use PCTV.You no longer have to visit the supermarket, they will visit you after quickly choosing you shopping online.You no longer need to visit shops atall, and there is a much larger assortment of things for sale online, as well as things selling for much less.You dont need to meet your friends to talk, just talk to them using an IRC channel, you can even share your photos!You dont need to read books for information, just use an online encyclopedia like wikipedia.And even studying can be done online.So where is the internet taking us?And at what point will we just use the internet for everything?In fact, could we survive without the internet?Opinions?

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