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Trap Quotes

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Hi everyone, i decided to create this thread to capture some of the funny quotes from members on Xisto. In this thread you can post some of the funny quotes you found in some thread on Xisto Shout box or other threads. The purpose behind this is that everyone can have a good laugh or read some philosophical thoughts,LOLmoments etc. :D

To start the thread here is the first Quote for this thread.

(04:02 PM) OpaQue - Silence is *AOA* . Abode of Almighty. (02:35 PM) mahesh2k - Silence on trap :(

This Quote is captured today on Xisto Shoutbox. :D:)

So My dear friends, drop your favorite quotes on Xisto. (Oh i see My dear friend Kobra complaining again about that :D:) )

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(06:24 AM) kelvinc2 - saint micheal how can you 'barrow' $9?(06:11 AM) BuffaloHELP - hark!! even the shoutbox is Koteraized
(05:55 AM) onscreen - Ruben, i remember you owe me $10 *grin*
(05:50 AM) Saint_Michael - can I barrow $9

Gave me a laugh :)

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