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Suspended While In Hospital

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Ive been locked up in the hospital and just got freed! :) Im sure I'll tell the story later! lolMy account got suspended and in a couple of days I'll get caught up on my posting.I'm not crying, I just want to let you guys know you cant get rid of me that easy! :D I will be back asap!Also, one of my many emails was from a webmaster forum where they were discussing free hosts, so like always they got hit with the Xisto link! :) be back as soon as i can!

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you're eligible to "buy" hosting already with your mycents earnings, since you already have some virtual cash to cover for the logic plan for a recurring "monthly fee". :) have Xisto - Support move your hosting from Xisto to the one you purchase with mycents. you can quickly dispel your suspension worries once you have moved. besides credits system v2.0 is nearing its end with the imminent forum upgrade, whereby all members will be asked to completely switch to mycents for our hosting. better get the hang of it sooner than later; it would theoretically ease up on support too if you experience problems moving your hosting since they can address it better this early... unlike when they get a deluge of support requests when the switch is finally enacted in full, when you'd have too wait much longer for support.

and welcome back. :) hope your condition which necessitated your hospital lockup is not that serious, and that you're now better.

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