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In Australia, A Certain 3 Mobile Store... There is one store that I would not recommend going to or buying from.

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Just a word of warning If possible don't go to the 3 shop in sunnybank plaza, sunnybank (brisbane). Many of the store employees do not speak english too well, and you will more often than not get told the wrong thing, or different things. Here is the story:My Dad's phone (which was 3-4 months near the end of the contract) broke, which is understandable after 20months of service, and due to some health concerns with mum he needed a phone, so he asked them if he could put his 3 sim into another phone, they said no, it wouldn't work. So he asked if he could upgrade and get a new phone. They said no, and it would be better to come back when the contract was finished. So then he bought a 3 prepaid skype phone, the phone had problems with it from the beginning, he couldn't recieve calls, he called 3 support, and they were helpful but couldn't solve the problem. fiddling and changing settings got it to eventually receive calls. The next day he made a phone call, put the phone in his pocket, and pulled it out of his pocket to use his phone again and the screen had cracked. So he took it into the store, wanting a replacement handset (which the store said they don't do, but 3 support said they would) and sent it off to be fixed. He paid $30 odd dollars, which he wasn't happy about but its physical damage, and what doesn't seem to be a good quality phone. The replacement phones screen also broke within 2 days of purchase, which is the reason for going back into the store.When he got the phone back they gave him his receipt and said 'sign this' (meaning the receipt) and was on his way. He got home, the phone once again was not receiving calls, another phone call to 3, and the customer service rep said that the phone was used, and not the one that we bought. Angry I went to the store, took he paperwork and the phone up and asked them why we had a 2nd hand phone. And they explained to us that the phone had a fault that was not letting it receive calls so they gave us a new one (which it seems has the same fault) which (apparently) was explained when he picked up the phone. I wanted to know what the phone had been used for prior so they made a few calls to find out, while I was waiting a man had his phone repaired and came to collect it, Me being the stickybeak I am, and that it was a phone I am contemplating on getting in the near future I was watching, the staff member said 'sign here' pointing to the receipt, and after it being signed said 'this is what was done to the phone' and sent him on his way. Which I assume was a simmilar to what happened to my dad.A 3 customer service rep (which they had on the phone) agreed with me in that it was their responsibility to tell him what had happened, and that I should seek compensation. I said to the girl I that was serving me, I want a refund, she said you'd have to talk to the manager, he's not in today. And here's the kicker, after I explained the situation as to why we bought the phone, she said 'he could have just upgraded to a new handset' I told her that they said he couldn't and she said, 'No we didn't'Other than that experience 3 have been treating my parents well as customers, but as that is our local 3 shop, we are contemplating on leaving them at the end of the contract. if $150 had not been wasted on a phone that doesn't have a working screen maybe leaving them would not happen. ...The moral of the story is, don't go to the 3 shop in Sunnybank Plaza, There are optus, telstra and vodafone shops, not to mention the Kmart sells phones, and there's an allphones there too.

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