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Any Geeks Out There Willing To Help? Jasmine needs your assistance.

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I've been looking for a computer around town in the $300 range. It needs to be very cheap, preferably a laptop. I've had no luck with with craigslist because the computers there really suck in my town and it's too far of a drive to the capital.Any good bargain areas you guys know of online for laptops/comps. It just needs to be able to do the basic stuff because i'm gonna use it for web hosting, editing, etc...

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You can try out newegg.com they have some pretty cheap computers, I haven't notice any under $300 but then if you can find a descent computer for $300 then got it made. Since most of those computers in that price range are very outdated or something is wrong with them.

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maybe you could narrow down your search in this price-range by looking at subcategories of PCs under SUBNOTEBOOKS or NETBOOKS. you didn't mention where you are from though. here in the philippines, the market (mostly students and average net/computers users) has been going bananas over an ultraportable selling for php9,999 (US$223) & php11,499 (US$256) since it was released last april 2008. note: exchange rate is pegged at something between 44 and 45 pesos to a US dollar. the lower priced one comes bundled with a linux-flavored OS, and windows xp home edition for the more pricey one. the more adventurous users who got this netbook have reported they were able to even run vista on it... flawlessly.


For specifics, heres the lowdown:

Deep Blue H1 (Mobile PC) - from Blue Digital

Processor: VIA Esther 1.0 GHz

Memory: 1GB DDR2

Video: 7.0-inch Wide TFT, WXGA (800×480)

Harddisk: 40GB Mobile

Audio: Built-in speakers

Ports: 2 x USB 2.0

LAN 10/100Mbps

Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g Wireless LAN

Weight: 1.20 kg.

Bundled OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home or Linux

Features: Card reader Web camera Touch pad with left & right buttons

Up to 4˝ hours battery life

a newer model of the Deep Blue H1 recently released in the market comes with a bigger HD, at 60GB. competition is stiff with the asus eee pc, but H1 is somehow winning specifically because of the price, where an asus eee can go nearly twice as much.


google keywords search: Deep Blue H1, Blue Digital. see if they are available in the site Saint_Michael suggested above. or search ebay. :lol:

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Take a look at the barebone computers at Newegg. Yes, the majority of them may look odd and perhaps not to your liking, but some of them have decent specs and you can always later on replace the case. Then you can perhaps run Xubuntu on it.

Personally, i would probably get one just to take good parts from and sell the rest on eBay or something.

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