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Seared Lamb Loin In Herb Broth Eat lamb the healthy way

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Lamb is red meat and therefore, not something one would consider healthy due to high fat content. When it is served with red wine, butter and thick, rich gravies, it may taste delicious, but is really bad for people with heart problems, and can make one feel really satiated. So I decided to do away with the conventions and cook lamb with herbs and vegetables instead! The sweet taste of lamb is not overwhelmed by heavy sauce or gravy, and the accompanying greens make the dish healthier.Here is a recipe that can serve four people.Ingredients:500g lamb tenderloin, left in one piece, trimmed of fat (to make it healthier)A pinch of salt and pepper4 cups unsalted vegetable stock or water1 teaspoon salt and black pepper to taste1/2 cup white wineA selection of vegetables, cut into equal sizes - young potatoes, baby carrots, fine green beans and baby corn are some of my recommendations.Ingredients for Lemon mint sauce:1 cup fresh mint leavesJuice from half a lemonExtra virgin olive oilpinch of saltMethod:Making the lemon mint sauce:Finely chop mint leaves. Place in a bowl and add lemon juice, salt and enough olive oil to cover, Mix well and leave aside for flavours to blend together.Rub salt and pepper over lamb. Heat grill pan until hot, then sear on all sides of the meat till brown and caramelised. Remove and leave aside.Bring vegetable stock to boil. Gather selection of vegetables. I allocated two each of young corn, new potatoes, baby carrots and a handful of fine green beans for each person.Trim vegetables into equal sizes. Place them in the pot and poach gently until the carrots are tender. Add white wine. Season with salt and pepper. Remove vegetables.Bring stock to boil again and poach tenderloin in it for about 10 minutes. Add a dollop of lemon mint sauce. Remove meat and leave to rest for another 10 minutes. Slice meat and divide among four plates. Serve with vegetables, garnished with lemon mint sauce on top.

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