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Well, I thought I would show off some of my work. So heres a quick taste of it :)


Almost all of my work is with horses. Horses are beautiful animals to manipulate with. There is an enormous supply of horse stock right at my door, so what ever the pelt, or body postition you want a horse to have theres a 99.99% chance you'll always find it.


Horses can have such a great intensity of emotion which I think makes them the perfect creature to include in my manipulations.

As you can see I have included my copyright on all pictures. Theft is a crime. Don't even try to do it. Depplain Valley is my name on another website.


Posted Image


Title: Hallelujah

Program: Photoshop Elements 5.0

Time Taken: ~1/2 Hour - 45 Minutes

Effects: Multiply, Various Brushes, Gaussian Blur, Colour Burn.

Message: Don't give in. Struggle on until you succeed.

Notes: This is one of my favourites. I created it after I was told two members from my community were involved in a head on crash. Both had children.


Posted Image


Title: Reflections

Program: Photoshop Elements 5.0

Time Taken: 2 Hours-ish

Effects: Multiply, Gaussian Blur, Overlay.

Message: Look at your reflection. Look at who you are, how you act and how you are effecting the world.

Notes: Another of my favourites. Im aware many of the lillies are transparent. I have a second copy without them.

Thats all for now. Ill probably post more soon. :P


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Very nice work!!
I love horses myself, and the top one in the river is awesome and inspiring.
Keep it up!

Thank-You for commenting :lol:
Do you own horses? I have three, two of which I ride. At the moment Im working with a 15hh Quarter Horse named Mac. He's got a gorgeous blonde mane, and at the moment his summer coat which is a deep dark chocolate. Hes awesome to ride, he's got a great canter, and he's a fantastic jumper. I haven' jumped him heaps yet, only about 80cm, but my goal is to be jumping him 1.2m - which would be awesome and the highest I've ever jumped ^_^

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