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Mich In Arizona Back from recent trip to Sun Valley Indian School

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Mich is back. I was gone on a work and witness mission to the Sun Valley Indian School in Arizona near Holbrook.


We met other team members in Chicago at Union Station, there were 13 of use altogether, and took the train out to Winslow. While on the train, I got food poisoning from an egg I had boiled at home and taken along. Boy was that awful. Thank heaven there was a physician on board, in my car, that diagnosed what I had. We all assumed it was the flu. He gave me some medication his wife happened to have along, and I was up and around the next day. Amtrak had medics come on board at Albequerque to check my

vitals out just in case. Everything was fine except I couldn't sit up from the nausea. The doctor told us something none of us knew, including the medics. Food poisoning affects the inner ear causing the extreme nausea. It is worse than motion sickness, believe me.


Anyway, our work projects at the Indian school were varied. I hemmed 20 curtain panels for their Chapel. Others worked on sorting donated clothing for resale, building a walkway, painting an apartment, sorting donated jewelry, and putting drywall up in a building that was being refurbished. My husband and another fellow worked in the kitchen all week during meal serving hours. We all enjoyed ourselves and the students and staff really appreciated the help.


We were rewarded by a trips to the Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly (on the Navajo Reservation), and the Petrified Forest for our two days off. If you would like more information about this venture check out

http://nativeamericanchristianacademy.org/ and https://www.nps.gov/cach/index.htm


The history of Canyon de Chelly is very interesting as the longest enhabited landscape in North America.


The trip home was unremarkable compared to the trip out. We all managed to stay well, enjoyed each other's company and the scenery. I am further grateful that I was the only one who got sick from the boiled egg. I had taken enough for everybody and I must have gotten a bad one. :lol: Got to meet some great new people and had an all-around good time.


Hey Eagles fans, I was "standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona."

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Mich out and about spreading her good deeds around beyond the Xisto.Awesome that you participated in this venture. There needs to be more done "the old-fashioned way", people helping people.I really enjoy working on Habitat for Humanity projects in my area. Great feeling of accomplishment when it is over.Sounds like a wonderful experience for you and the School as well.

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Well I am glad you had a good trip Mich and had some fun and see the sites and what not, and no pictures of the Grand Canyon or the curtain panels either. Got to watch out for those eggs they do a world of hurt on you sometimes :lol:, but glad you were able to get over that one bad egg or two or three ^_^.

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