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Professional Website Solutions By Scorpius Designs

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Hi folks, you may or may not know that i am a website coder by night, fisherman by day. I am teaming up with an excellent designer i met at college and we aim to provide custom, professional and exclusive website solutions under the name of Scorpius Designs. At the moment its a two man team, im the coder and he is the designer. We are based in the south east of the UK and currently work from our respective homes. Primarily we specialize in building custom websites from scratch, no copying and pasting here! We take on the project from the initial thought of "Damn i need a website" through to completion, either handing you over the files needed for you to upload, or by uploading and configuring the website ourselves. Truly taking the hassle out of getting online.We can also offer advertising solutions and SEO or Search Engine Optimization (Getting your site a higher ranking in Google, Yahoo etc...) and individual features such as a new design (but same content) a chatbox, login system etc...We can offer systems such as: e-commerce/shopping cart systems to take your first steps into selling on the web, CMS systems, enabling you to quickly and easily edit the content of your website with no knowledge required (it works very similarly to posting a reply in forums), complete user management systems including registration, login/out member areas etc... the ability for users to upload/submit content, forum integration, paypal integration and custom modifications to existing systems.If you are interested in any of these things drop me a PM or reply and let me know what you are interested in. Our portfolio can be found at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ (may have slow load time, there are a lot of images there!)Thanks, all queries welcome :)

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