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Making Realistic Clouds Photo Shops Realistic Cloud TUT

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Well First off this is just a simple Tutorial on how to make a Realistic Clouds Background

First off you'll need Adobe Photo Shop, After getting that you'll need a Brain, a pair of hands, and a few Basic Photo Shop Skills!

I Created this when I first Started using Photo Shop So this shouldn't be an issue.


okay First step :


Open a new RGB Background with Transparency.


File -> New

Make the Settings look like this


Name : Clouds

Preset : Custom

Size : []

Width : 500 | Pixels

Height : 500 | Pixels

Resolution : 72.009 | Pixels/Inch

Color Mode : RGB Color | 8 Bit

Background Contents : Transparent


Then Press The Hot key 'd' To restore the default background and foreground colors(Black and White)


Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool Select the entire background and right click then click fill Fill with the the Foreground color

Posted Image



Next On the Color Palette, set the Background color as #3E6CAA and the Foreground color as #76B6F4.


Then Right-click the background layer on the Layer Palette and choose Blending Options.

Apply a Gradient overlay using the settings below

Posted Image

If the colors shown in the Gradient Overlay window are not the blue shown in the screenshot, click on the dropdown in the Gradient Overlay window and choose the first option.


Create a new layer

and Press D to reset the Color Palette.


Render the Clouds by doing

Filter -> Render -> Clouds
Next, render Difference Clouds
Filter -> Render -> Difference Clouds
Do this Three Time. Do this by using the top menu to execute the Difference Clouds filter once, then pressing the Ctrl-F hot key 2 times to repeat the last filter (in this case Difference Clouds) twice.

It will then look like this

Posted Image


Now Adjust the color Levels

Image -> Adjustments -> Levels...

Adjust "Input Levels" to approximately: 29, .056, 77 or until it looks like the image below


First Select all, then Press Copy, Click the eye icon to the left of your cloud creation layer and hide it. Create a new layer, Enter quickmask mode by pressing the "q" key, Then Paste.

Posted Image


Exit quickmask mode by pressing the "q" key. Press 'd' to reset the colors, Fill the selection with the background color.

Posted Image


Deselect the selection. Hot key is CTRL+D. Now do

Layer -> Layer Style -> Bevel & Emboss
Set "Size" to approximately 50 px

Posted Image


Now Set Contour to the Gaussian curve.

Posted Image

If the options shown in the Bevel and Emboss window are not shown in the screenshot, tick the contour sunoption and click on the dropdown in the Countour window and choose the sixth option.


Create a new layer and then do

Filter -> Render -> Clouds
Posted Image

and then

Filter -> Render -> Difference Clouds
Repeat Difference Clouds 10 to 20 times until you have a complex pattern.

Posted Image


Now Enter quickmask mode by pressing the "q" key. Paste. (The clipboard should still contain the clouds layer contents (Cloud Texture).)

Posted Image


Exit quickmask mode by pressing the "q" key.


Deselect the selection. (command-d)

Click the eye icon to the left of your cloud texture creation layer (Layer 4) to hide it.

Create a new layer. (Layer 5)


Posted Image

menu: Filter -> Stylize -> Emboss


1. Set the "Height" to around 50 pixels.

Posted Image


Now do

Image -> Adjustments -> Levels
and Set "Output Levels" to approximately: 218, 255


Posted Image


Go back to your clouds layer (Layer 3) and "Create Layers" from the Bevel & Emboss effect

Layer -> Layer Style -> Create Layers

Posted Image


Now Delete the screen layer (white streaks), leaving the multiply layer.

and then Select the multiply layer (black streaks) and:


Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur
Set "Radius" to around 16 pixels.

Adjust the multiply layer's "Fill" to around 50%

Posted Image


Thats it

Posted Image

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I'm impressed. Really creative and useful. I knew some other techniques on how to make clouds but this I have never seen before. Awesome again.Cheers!

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This is a pretty good tutorial and the outcome is pretty great. I will try this soon, the only thing with this is that the clouds usually have a decievable flow, and this doesn't. The only thing we could do is take and try to smudge it slightly getting it to go in the right directions. I like the usage of built in features instead of using premade cutouts or pre-made brushes.

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