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Wubi? Does it work?

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Well I'm not sure of what I'm doing wrong hence there isnt anything I can actually do wrong with an installation. M<y problem is that everytime i try to setup Wubi it doesnt work. When it says its complete i restart my computer and Ubuntu isnt there. I also had a question Can i use Wubi to install a different os? I saw someone say that you can change the .iso image name of Ubuntu and use a Linux Mint ISO and change the name of it to w.e Ubuntu was, then download the MD5's and Replace them in the same Manner Would this work?

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I too had problems with Wubi at first.

One thing that can cause an error, may be if you closed the installation window where is asks for information, like how much space you want to use/username/password....and so on.
If you close the installation window there, you have to actallu go to:
My Computer >> Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs
and remove Ubuntu from the list.

Other than that, there should not be anything that causes errors, unless you don't have the ram and space needed.

To have Wubi install a different distro you would have to do some changing of the code, but it is possible.

Check this out. ( At the VERY bottom, it describes how to use your own distro. )

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