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Where Can I Learn Xml Online?

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i have experience in XHTML, CSS, and PHP (and a *little* bit of Javascript), and i think XML looks very interesting.


i looked at the tutorial on w3schools.com, but i know its out-of-date, and it also just doesn't look very advanced at all. i learned javascript from w3schools and i know that i still can't accomplish a percentage of javascript! so where can i learn XML for real?

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U can professinaly learn xml only at professional xml sites...

look for recomendations on http://www.w3.org/
if u are beginner look at:
xml.org site resources
...also you can try a google for many many good tutorials on xml...
i sugest to learn other things about xml like:
DTD, Namespaces, XSL, XSL-T, XPath, XQuery and XSL-FO.

xml is used to store data in described format, xml is describing data, it is not
designer to showing data, html is.
Other tehniques are used for describing, designing and processing data like:
CSS, XSL and other listed here on top....

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As splehati said XML can be used to store data which at the end can be presented to the user without any presentation, using css or transforming it with XSLT or XSL-FO.
If you want to begin with XML maybe a good exercise will be to write an address book:
- Write a DTD for an address book.
- Write an xml document wich validates the DTD.
- Write a xslt file which transforms the XML into XHTML for example.
- Write a xslt file which transforms the XML into a plain text document (Imagine you want to have a written copy of your address book).

To provide the transformation on the fly you can use php xslt module. Apache-friend PHP/MySQL/Apache distro includes it.

Or maybe use nice software like XMLSpy. But that it is propetary.

if you are german/french speaker: Selfhtml selfhtml.org has a good introduction to some web technologies. If you need more links, ask and maybe later at home i can give you more.

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I studied XML in a book of database management systems by Navathe.Though the book isn't dedicated to XML particularly.But the chapter on XML gave an excellent glimpse of XML as a whole.XML is cross platform(i.e an XML file produced by sun solaris OS can well be consumed by Windows OS) Its truly extensible as one can form tags of his/her own.For multiple applications to use same XML they must conform to the same tags.

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