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How To Change The Gradient Type And Make A Gradient On Adobe Photoshop Cs3

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How to change the Gradient type on Adobe Photoshop CS3


Open Adobe Photoshop CS3

On your current piece of work or on a new blank canvas, select the area you would like to apply the gradient to.


Once you have the area selected you would like to work on, hover your curser over the Gradient Tool button (Default Location: Left edge of the Program window, center of the tools menu). Apply pressure to the mouse so you click the Gradient Tool Button.


Posted Image


Once you have this Tool selected, you can choose which gradient you would like to use.



Linear Gradient (Default)

Radial Gradient

Angle Gradient

Reflected Gradient

Diamond Gradient


Posted Image


Once you have your desired space to work and Gradient type, you can start to formation of your Gradient.

Click inside your selected workspace at the point where you would like the Gradient to start (or with some the main focal point)

Pull the mouse down and drop it where you would like the Gradient to finish (or fade to)


EXAMPLE: (Primary & Secondary Colours)


Posted Image

Linear Gradient


By Kurisu

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Please look through the forums before posting tutorials. We have a separate section for Photoshop tutorials.

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