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Shiny Entertainment's Sacrifice Did anybody play this masterpiece?

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I actually have it sitting right next to me. We still play it every so often, when we want a taste of old. We found it while we were cleaning out an apartment that a guy had moved out of, and left his stuff. Found a couple of other games too. I think this is probably the best one we got out of it though.

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Great game!

Shiny Entertainment's Sacrifice


Replying to Ajant


I have the game.It's great!One of the best games ever made.I used to play it a lot online.However due to some *BLEEP*S who invaded the game and ruined it with their ridiculous pretentions I don't play it anymore.The game at first was excellent,there was even this ranking system,that gave you a certain numeric appreciation of your skills.Basically it was a number,the more you won the bigger the number became,and because some of the people cheated in order to get their ranks a bit higher a few morons came with the idea of deleting this feature,and with it the entire player-info tag on which you put your name and e-mail and stuff like that.It was a wonderful feature I might add,the game kinda lost its charm after this feature was removed.After that some idiots came with a patch to "correct" some unbalanced things,things which didn't really bother anyone,this patch totally ruined the gameplay,basically you had to play this game as a shoot-em-up,you just had to be the first to reach a certain position on the battlefield,you had to rush everything,you didn't even make an army anymore,no creatures,no nothing.Just a quick combination of spells and the game was over.To top it all,some players' attitude was really annoying and very unfriendly with the noobs,which made most of the new players abandon the game.A buddy of mine came with a gadget that allowed him to cheat,however he cheated in order to break the boredom of the game and to make it more interesting,like casting 10 times the volcano spell which totally rocked!I loved the visual effects!Of course,the idiots who just took the game way too seriously accused him of ruining the game especially since he shared his hacking-devices with some of the players.I just couldn't enjoy the game anymore,so I quit it.It's such a great game,however I doubt you'll find any game servers now.You might find a few players now and then.But basically it's a dead game.Just play it offline to fully enjoy it. :P


-reply by Phantazm

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I used to like this game but I think it got boring quite quickly somehow. I've never played it online though. Maybe I'll check this game out again tomorrow. Are there any good updates as well? Or did everything just became worse? Would be sad :)

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Best of the best Games

Shiny Entertainment's Sacrifice


I am deeply addicted to Shiney's master work of art.


I hope and wish that a sequel to this is going to come true. I hope that the original group of programmers can be brought together to build this game on a new engine with the same beauty that it has always had and then some.


As many of these:

Vocal cast


* Grey DeLisle

* Jonathan Cook

* Tim Curry: Stratos

* Bill Farmer

* Kath Soucie

* Brad Garrett: James

* Kevin Michael Richardson: Pyro

* Cam Clarke

* Melissa Disney

* Castulo Guerra

* Michael Bell

* Charles Adler

* Michael Gough

* Corey Burton

* Neil Ross

* Dwight Schultz

* Pat Fraley

* Eli James Keltner

* Patrick Pinney

* Frank Welker

* Paul Eiding: Eldred

* Gregg Berger

* Rob Paulsen

* Jan Rabson

* Rodger Bumpass

* Jason Marsden

* Susan Silo: Seerix

* Jeff Bennett

* Tara Strong

* Jennifer Hale: Persephone

* Jess Harnell

* Tony Jay: The Prophet/Narrator, Mithras

* Joe Lala

* John Kassir


Should be included and an online party would be great to calibrate bringing together the most inspirational video game creation into the 22 century...


God and Goddess bless the makers of this beautiful game.

It is the truth carried into dreams. This game is my favorite now.


-reply by Sativarg Millenious

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