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Free Web Hosting Pre Req's submitted with all due respect as a general rant/question

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Ok, Here It Goes...When I applied for the free web hosting I went over everything required and was still denied due to a "lack of post content", yet days before I submitted a new topic under the Introduction to Spirituality thread and received credits for it. after that I did not see it in the forums, assuming that it just needed to be accepted first, I let it go., now it is not anywhere to be found and there is no indication other than my credits that it ever existed. This post was a full Introduction to Buddhism and took me quite some time to type out and organize, but yet I lack the post content to be hosted. I am not typing this out of anger so much as discombobulation, and yes I just wanted to use the word in a sentence, as to why a greatly written introduction was submitted and creditted, but yet I still lack the post content to be hosted.Also, as per the recomendation to keep getting better, when I re-apply for hosting I lose all additional credits that I have earned to get hosting, thereby costing me more than what is advertised, WHY IS THAT? I am not drawing any conclusions, nor am I degrading Xisto or its staff, but how does this make sense? on top of that, the Mod told me to go to another site, and even provided a link. despite the pact that the other site is a Xisto site also, its the thought that matters right?, if I wanted another site I wouldnt Be here, but I am, and am told to go elsewhere... Im just confused.P.S. Hows that for post content?

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I would be pleased to discuss the particulars in a more private setting. PM me if you wish to discuss this issue further. It is not an issue which should be public.

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