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Learn Java Programming Language Online Step By Step

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I had found this site >> http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

This website is for people who want to learn Java Programming Language step by step.

This website also includes JAVA lessons from the beginning to advanced level. So this site appropriates for the beginner of Java programmer language or non-basic Java Programming Language.

The lessons are easy to follow and understand starting from how to get your PC JAVA ready, the fundamental programming concept and creating the real application. Moreover, the working examples are also included.

Please enjoy the lessons !!

LESSONS Guidelines :

Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Fundamental Programming Concept
Lesson 3 Decisions
Lesson 4 Applets and Graphics
Lesson 5 Introduction to Classes
Lesson 6 Methods
Lesson 7 Arrays and Vectors
Lesson 8 Inheritance and Interfaces
Lesson 9 Streams and Exceptions
Lesson 10 Event Handling

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You work as a senior programmer in a large multinational corporation in Makati that has used Visual Basic for all programming projects for the past 10 years. Your manager has just informed you that the company will be switching over to the Java programming langauage for all new programming projects. If you want to continue working for the company, what steps should I take to become proficient in the use of the Java programming language?-reply by lezzeth jell wasawas

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