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Yea, it really is too bad that it's only for the US. It would be nice to find things like that for Canada, since I really like to follow the weather and storms and all that. But still, it's a nice site, so I bookmarked it and can go back and look at some of the storms that may end up coming this way, though by the time they get here they are only half as bad as when they go through the States.

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I take it that there are quite the amount of people on this forum that are not from the USA? Where are all of you guys from?


I find it interesting that this forum doesn't only attract U.S. members.

It is comments like these that I find incredibly annoying ;) . Do you seriously think only people in the USA use the internet or use Xisto? Are you for real?


Well let me see there are probably heaps of people from Europe (France, Germany, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark etc.) then Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia (Japan, China, Singapore), Australia, Middle East, even Africa. Heaps of people worldwide in many countries use the internet, not just the USA. ;)


BTW I am from Brisbane (Australia)


Posted Image

(not my image, from Aussie Bhoy on SSC)

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