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3 Guys Asked Me Out O.o

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Ok so theres this BIG SITUATION HERE.. yersterday ish/the day before that, 3 guys asked me out, i guess you can say i saw it coming, but just not all 3 within the same period of time you know, what im saying? haha so i guess i should describe the guys.. and the big dilemma, at the end.. ok


so here are the guys:



Guy Numero Uno:


Hes a senior.. so he graduated already.. i meet him in one of my classes, and somehow found his myspace, then we started talking.. and well yea, he seems like a really sweet guy, but all we end up talking about is, getting drunk, me going to his house, and most resently he was like, i really want to see you, and i like you, do you want to meet up somewhere and just kiss? like i dont want anything else, get you laid etc, i just want to kiss you.. and stuff like that, but like i said he seems like the sweetest guys because of the little things he says, now & then.. my theory with him, is that hes just shy, and thinks that you know, acting all tough and playerish blah blah blah, is going to impress me.. ok enough lets go to the next guy



Guy Numero Dos:


Hes my age, really sweet.. i meet him over at my old high school, and i kinda fell for him.. in love sorta, everything about us together, was so surreal.. like in those movies, where stuff just HAPPENS! lol.. but yea, when i was around in my old city, he just didnt have the courage to go all the way.. and ask me out, because he knew i was moving, and just didnt want to start something, that he knew was going to end in 2 weeks or so. or go into a long-distance relationship thing.. but yea we live about a 30 minute drive from eachother... and he makes me laugh so hard, hes the most adorable guy ever.. i have just kinda given up on him though. because of the distance, like i always tought, you know, i was going to move back to my old town, and live happily ever after with him.. but now its just kinda like, im not expecting much, and probably wont be as upset, as i was back then, if nothing happens, you know?? but yea, 2 days ago, he was just kinda like.. ok i miss, you, i like you, i cant see you with anybody else, do you wanna be my girlfriend? [this happened over myspace] and i was just kinda like.. mmh i dont like replying to this kind of stuff over the internet, so how about we meet somewhere and you can ask me then?// he was like ok.. ill meet you at the mall, and i can take you to the movies, etc.. and we ended the conversation on me saying.. i just wanna hug you know, i miss you soo much, and him saying.. well i just wish you were right here.. i just wanna kiss you..


ok on to the next guy..



Guy Numero Tres:


I meet him in middle school, like 5 years ago or something? haha im a junior going on senior so yea.. the thing about him is though, that like when we were in middle school, he always seemed to be dating one of my bestfriends, one way or another, but we never got to know eachother you know? it was just one of those.. hey.. your my friends boyfriend.. hey your my girlfriends freidn.. ahah. lol but yea, i ended up hating him a little because of that, in middle school,. like i always tought he was playing everyone.. and the tought that he wasnt playing me upsetted me, haha, okay.. i had a crush on him, in middle school. there i admitted it! haha.. okay.. fastforward.. to where we left on guy numero 2.. i moved right?? well i moved back to my other town, where i live now.. [i moved back in septemberish last year] and surplice surprise.. he was in my 6th period class.. haha, at first i was completely obvlious, but he recognized me, he was like.. OHH THATS YOU! HEY! FROM MIDDLE SCHOOL?? I totally have a picture of you, from back then!!! [here i was thinking in my head, oh boy.. its this guy i hate.. why does he have a picture from me, in middle school. i was hideous..] haha, well we kinda got to know eachother,, hes sorta of a punk, and i have my little rockglab rebel side... so we are kinda compatible haha!!! then time passed, we didnt get to see eachother as much, and he had a girlfriend, so it was kinda akward, since his girlfriend, for some reason, always tought he liked me, or i liked him, or i was sleeping with him or something, i dont know, she was a stupid freshman.. fast forward.. haha, he dumped her, and they are not going out anymore.. and all of the sudden, like 2 weeks ago, he was like, your hot, ima start hitting on you.. and we have been sorta flirting on and off... but this last 2 weeks, have been intense.. and yea.. you know it.. he asked me out two days ago.. lala



Guy Numero 4!:


Nothing crusial like the guys above.. i dont really think he likes, me honestly.. [hint hint] he didnt ask me out.. BUT I LIKE HIM! hes so adorable, and my type, and we have3 fun together, and he makes me smuile.. and ahh! LOL but yea, i think he likes this girl.. shes so not.. AH SHES A STICK, and i mean A STICK, like i dotn see how he would find her attractive but whatever,,. they are always super close.. so yea, what should i do to this situation??



should i say yes, to guys 1-3 or deny them all, and just try to get guy numero 4?? what do YOU think? haha


one more thing.. guy numero 1, is a jock, numero 2, is a gangster/cholo kinda guy.. guy numero 3 is in a band.. guy numero is a skater..

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