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Hello everyone!I guess it's here I am supposed to give an introduction of myself :( .Sooo, I'm a 17 (soon to be 18) years old guy from Sweden. I like playing around with computers, and therefore my choice of education was IT-related. After this summer we are to begin a BIG project, for preparation after school. For my project I will make a Chat-program using Visual basic.net, (hopefully there is someone that could help me here if I get any problems). The thing is - I did not know how to distribute my application, get bug-reports etc.. I thought of a website, made on on my own computer, but the server would not work properly. therefore I googled (google is your friend) for "free web host with fantastico", and BOOM: Xisto.com came up :( . so here I am writing this message, hoping to get some credits for a website, and more hopefully get an enjoyable stay at the forums.Hope to se ya'all around :D.

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Velkommen til deg datanizze, min kj?re nabo! :(


Finally someone that actually can understand what I am saying! For some time I actually thought I was one of the few (or only) from Scandinavia. Is it going well over there?


I suppose you understand how glad I am to meet you, so I will tell you a little bit about what you are here for: the hosting. First of all; it is great. Not just the hosting but also the community. Whatever you need there will always be someone here willing to help you. No question is to stupid or to weird. The hosting is very reliable.


In order to get that great hosting you need to contribute to our forum by posting good quality post. It is very easy so do not worry. You need 10 credits for the basic package, and 30 for the bigger one. It is always a good thing to keep an extra stack of credits in case something prevents you from posting the forum. You can choose when you want to post; you do not need to post everyday, week or month. It is all up to you. Remember that one-liners are considered as spam and will be deleted by one of our funny moderators.


I also hope you will enjoy your stay, and I actually think you will. I do not want to see any "funny" jokes about how stupid Norwegians are... (We have weird jokes about you guys too.) but if you want to have some fun we could always make some up about people in Denmark. Haha. :D


I guess that is it. Good luck!

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