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My Spy Suggestions For Team Fortress 2 Next Update S Spy is my favorite class and I think these suggestions own

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I thought about this and I like it. You may disagree or agree or may like 1 or 2, but still read it and tell me what you think.






Sapper Replacement

Electronic Canceler:



At a limited distance away, you must look at the

sentry, teleporter, or dispenser and you can use

your electronic canceler. It will freeze the sentry,

dispenser, or teleporter for an X amount of seconds (I suggest 10)

and once it is over, the engineer's building unfreezes.

Engineer can still repair

Now valve can do whatever they want with this but, I like this:


You can have a regain timer, almost like your cloak but once

you use it, it goes to 0 and resets again. Maybe every 20-30 seconds or whatever


With this you cannot actually break their building, but

rather create an opportunity for your team member to break

it for you. This will allow the spy to do more teamwork

than they already do and is a nice replacement that is not

too weak or too strong.




Magnum Replacement

Sleeper Gun:



With this gun I thought up, it can be pretty cool...Basicly I want

it like this:


Every shot you shoot someone with your gun they lose health of course, but

also slow down 2% with every shot you shoot. This effect stays on for maybe 10-20

seconds or whatever valve wants, but with this gun, you can create wonderful

opportunities to not only help yourself catch up to them and stab them in the

back but help your teammates in a variety of situations from runners to incoming

enemies and the such. if 2% isn't good enough, make it more. Whatever valve wants!




Butterfly Knife Replacement

Cionide Injection:



I was thinking and I thought up of this. It's pretty cool I think.

This of course only works from the back, BUUUUUUT it has a twist


I thought up of doing something new here


It's range is point blank, you have to be pretty much touching them.


Your weapon is a needle with the deadly liquid scionide which is 100% death instantly


The model can be a small syringe with green/blue liquid bright glowing liquid inside of it




When you attack your opponent, you don't lose your disquise!!!!!!!!


Instead, when you have your Cionide Injection needle out, you look like the enemy

but instead of holding their default weapon, the enemy can see you holding the needle

--Remember the needle has glowing neon liquid that lights up in the dark so it should be

pretty easy to spot


When you have your gun / sapper, you go back to having the default enemy weapon, but not the injection!


I think this creates much newer opportunities


And if valve wants like the 25% slow down thing for the ubersaw, they

can add a little thing to this such as if an enemy pyro burns you, the needle explodes

and causes yourself to get an X amount of damage such as 50% ECT


This makes you further act like a spy and take it out at the perfect time, kill, and switch back


They can make a new sound for each character that gets injection, like a soft moan or something like that




I think my ideas create a new gameplay for the spy that can actually help out the teammate.

You may disagree with my idea or like it, but this is my suggestion!

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At least, friendly fire is a must. Why? I like being a spy too, but everytimes somebody sees a teammate, they shoot to perform a spycheck (me too). And spy is easily known because they cannot disguise to somebody with a secondary weapons (probably you'll know this, who doesnt?)

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I like the electronic canceller, because this is the only alternative you used that actually adds something nice to the game without ruining it.See that as a compliment please.-reply by Nickolas

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The electronic canceler seems like a good idea, since it lets you work with your team. However, your forgetting that a regular sapper can take a building down for more than 10 seconds, have no charge time, And damage the building. The only thing you've really added is the ability to do it from far away, which doesn't make sense since the spy's main objective is to sneak behind enemy lines. I have seen another incarnation of this idea (the magnetic sapper) that takes the building down but does no damage, letting another team mate destroy it.As for the sleeper gun, it sounds like a good idea, but when you think about it, the player on the other end would have their game lagged up while the get shot or stabbed in the back. That doesn't seem very fun. Your last idea, the sionide injection, seems a little awkward. I have an idea that's similar to this.My Ideas:Revlover = SilencerThe gun does more that just make you shots silent. You enemy will still see their health drop, but they won't be able to tell where the shot is coming from. And, you can also shoot while cloaked or disguised. While your disguised, it will appear that your diguise is firing their weapon. But because your enemy is taking damage, it might be a give away. Also, while you cloaked, each shot lowers you cloak bar, but the weapon it's self raises you max cloak to give you more time to shoot. The weapon would have to b very weak so that you don't pick of enemies while they have no idea where you are.Sapper = Spy BombsThis idea may not b very good, but I think it opens up a lot of options. Instead of sappers, you can now place a bomb. You can only have one at a time so that you don't place them every where. You can place the spy bombs anywhere, walls, floors, engie buildings, and even allies or enemies. The bomb is set off by bumping into it or being shot at. And, since you can only have one, clicking fire while the bomb is deployed cloaks it. Some examples are:� Placing one on a damaged enemy building. When the engie comes to repair it, it'll go off from the wrench hit� Placing one on a dispenser so that an enemy will bump into it and set it off.� Placing one on the floor around a corner so the enemy will step on it� Placing one on a friendly scout, have them run into an enemy group, get shot, and set off the bomb� Placing one on a friendly spy have them cloak, run behind enemy lines, get shot and set it offMost of these only work if the bomb is cloaked so that the enemy doesn't notice itKnife = Pen KnifeThis weapon, like the injection, can be used while your disguised. It doesn't kill from behind, but instead take their disguise. To use it, you must hold down the fire button. You'll stab them with the knife, and begin to do damage. As you kill them, you pen will fill with ink. Once you've killed them (you pen is full) they die, but they leave no sign of death except a pool of ink that fades quickly. But when you kill with this pen, you immediately take the enemy's disguise. You take their name AND their weapon. This way, you can be a medic with a medigun or an Engie with a wrench. Please give some me some feed back.-reply by cmooney13

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Pyros are tooooo powerful

My Spy Suggestions For Team Fortress 2 Next Update S


Ok first I want know cant you do something with the bloody pyros and people just shooting you and well then they know your a spy pyros are just too overpowered I think they don't need any skill and they can just fire at the air and ok look theres a spy and I want to get my revenge back on pyros so just go mad on the spy updates Please people rdy see me when I'm a spy so whats the point of making it more like a enemy spy?... I'm tired of getting shot burned and killed by a wrench atleast make his tux better or something and don't make the person slow they still always kill me I dunno what they were thinking with the stupid heavy update...


-reply by Brett

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Well, your spy bomb is basically an ied, a mine, or a suicide weapon. It may be a good idea, but who knows if anyone from Valve is reading this!Why don't we just give the spy a knife that he can throw? Maybe give him 3 butterfly knifes, and he can throw them to backstab someone from 10 feet away. What do you guys think?

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My own suggestions

My Spy Suggestions For Team Fortress 2 Next Update S


I honestly really like and dislike a lot of the above comments and creations.


I've been working on them for a while, so hopefully they make sense, I actually helped think up some of the weapons (boxing gloves and sandvich) for the Heavy update. Although I was not the original concept creator, I helped improve the idea.


Here are my spy weapon suggestions:


First lets look at what the spy's goals are in the team and what he has to work with. Then lets think of some trade offs, always give people a good trade off, either this or that.


Example for Heavy, you can slow people down but keep them in your sights longer with the new minigun but have less power, or have lots of power, but no slowing effects.


Example for Pyro, you can either have the ability to throw objects back at players and do good damage all around, or be poor head on but devastating if attacking from behind.



So, the Spy's goals are:


To infiltrate enemy team undetected, kill and destroy any buildings and open pockets for friendly team members to attack from and take out threats that could destroy your team.


So lets look at his current weapons...


#1 Revolver


Loud pistol that does a minimum of 25damage at long range, and max of 60 at point blank. It only has 6 shots in it.


#2 Electro Sapper


Sapping unit that slowly drains a sentry until it gets destroyed at 6 or 9 seconds after applying it.


#3 Butterfly Knife


Kills instantly from behind but raises disguise, terrible 30 damage from front or sides.


#4 Cloak


Limited invisibility from all players that drains when used and regenerates when not in use. However regeneration takes a long time.


#5 Disguise case


Allows for Disguises to be used, but they break upon attacking exposing you as you really are, a Spy.




My new weapon ideas that will help emphasize the Spy�s goals



#1 SBDP- Silent But Deadly Pistol---------------------------------


This is a shiny silver metal pistol that is given to the top spies. Its size is similar to the Scout�s pistol, but much longer in length due to its oversized custom made 8� silencer to allow maximum stealth shots. Due to the size and color of the gun, an enemy can recognize easily the skill level and respect of his new found opponent.


The SBDP is designed to allow the Spy to take shots without the victim knowing the location of the shooter. It also has a 100% critical guaranteed for shots to the victims back. The pistol however due to the caliber change, can only hold 3 shots. The pistol bullets are much stronger than the normal ones designed for the revolver, but carry a damage rate of 25-30 at long range, 40-50 at mid range and 60-70 at close to point blank. The SBDP is only given to those with great marksman skills since its very low ammo capacity requires great accuracy.


#2 TIP- Toxic Injection Pen--------------------------------------


The TIP is the newest instrument in a Spies arsenal. This newly created device, invented at HQ, is filled with a highly poisonous serum that numbs all senses until shutting down the brain functions. In other words, the victim will become disoriented and black out/die within a matter of seconds. All while being stylishly disposed of from the top of the shiny aluminum cap to the color of the fluorescent green pen all the way to the end containing a peculiarly sharp shiny point.


The TIP however is a risk. It, unlike the butterfly knife, does not kill instantly so victims may retaliate and possibly kill the user. To use, simply inject the poison into the enemies back. The enemy�s eye sight will immediately become impaired, and will most likely shriek and complain about being stung or bit by something.


He will then proceed to see everything in grey after the first second, followed by spots after 3 seconds and then by death at 5. Although the product has been perfected, the poison takes exactly 5 seconds to cause death and has been known to radiate a green glow on its victims. The victim may be treated within that time period so be careful.


The advantage is that your disguise, although obvious due to the Pen�s stylish fluorescent green color when holding or using, will allow the spy to poison his victims without losing his disguise.


(In other terms, think of a sapping device for enemy players instead of sentries)


Warning, do not attempt at side or front stabs as the serum wont be effective enough as a full dose. The victim will only recieve minimal damage per stab (30 per stab)



#3 Electro Clamp------------------------------------


The Clamp is rather small, looks similar to the electro sapper, but is made from a titanium alloy and has two large arms that squeeze the clamp onto the building. Impossible to pry off, the Electro Clamp is one of the hottest items on any Spy's wish list from HQ.


The Electro Clamp, similar to the Electro Sapper, as it only effects buildings. This unit does drain Electricity from a building; however it doesn�t drain enough power to destroy the structure. Instead the Clamp shuts down the functions of the building and redirects the power into the Cloaking Wrist Watch of a spy via a wireless connection.


The Electro Clamp cannot be knocked off like a normal Electro Sapper. Due to the immense electrical energy surge the clamp creates, it will burn out after 5 seconds of use and fall off. Engineers are unlucky enough to not have the tools to deactivate the Clamp once it is installed. However, the Clamp does not damage the building and has no effect on its health. So the plus side is the Engineer can continue to repair the building even when it is clamped.


When applied to a unit, the building shuts down for 5 seconds. A tremedous grinding will be heard, similar to a minigun's wind up as the clamp squeezes the building. The power is then redirected into the wrist watch of the Spy who applied it. This recharges the Spies cloak so long as the clamp is active.



-reply by Krits

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Reply to all

My Spy Suggestions For Team Fortress 2 Next Update S


I really like some of your ideas the long ones have some good and some bad. I like the injection idea and the silenced gun. I think that by earning more achievements the spy should have a longer cloak time or the bar to refill faster, alternatively there could be an unlockable (like the heavy's Sandvich) which does no damage but can refil your cloak and health. What do you think?


-reply by RoflCopter :)

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Yeah... I think that spies have it hard. Pyros have nearly endless ammo to throw around because their lives are so short; they're constantly getting more ammo. Your four minute excursion into the enemy base can end by a single man with a flamer hitting you once because he felt like firing at the air. But the spies also are one of the biggest pain in the butt people to play against. If the enemy has a talented spy, they can be death on wheels. I play as a medic most of the time (because everybody that tries to, sucks) and Spies are aggravating. I constantly have my medigun out, so I can't check to see if the dude is actually a spy. I just heal and run. So I die. And I die, and I die some more.If you play the spy right, they can be really destructive.I really like the pen knife idea... It would really give a boostie up to the spy, and make it really hard to tell who is a spy and who isn't. But then, I don't think that Valve is paying attention anyway. So whatever.

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Spy Update

My Spy Suggestions For Team Fortress 2 Next Update S


Here's my inqueries, and I thought I would have them around the same calibur you guys hav been posting. :D



This gun does 100% critical hits from behind, and averages 300 damage with every bullet, and has an ammo capacity equivalent or greater than the medics needle gun. When you fire it you don't lose your disguise, and you gain back all the damage in health. The gun is also automatic, like a machinegun, and has a reload time of one second.


---Spy Sapper II----

This sapper sticks to the defense structure, and does not come off until the turret/whatever is destroyed. This can also be put onto other players to kill them. You can attach these while cloaked.


---Swiss Army Knife---


This kills everyone on the map with one swing. It can be used while cloaked. It also refills the cloak meter. You do not even have to be anywhere near someone to kill them with this knife. It swings faster than the scouts baseball bat. You don't lose your disguise when you swing this weapon, and you drain ink out of them or no reason at all like a complete moron who lives in a world of cartoons that break the 4th wall.


See :D I responded just like you guys


-reply by The French Tickler

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I approve of lethal injections.

My Spy Suggestions For Team Fortress 2 Next Update S


A lot of these sound really unbalanced. The one I like the most is the injection. I like how you keep the disguise, and I like how the trade off is that the enemy is basically doomed but gets a few seconds to either get revenge or go for help. Maybe being healed by a doctor or dispenser while you die could do something like slow it down to a third, but not save you. The only thing to save the victim should be a medipak or medicine cabinet. Also, what if the sapper or disguise kit was replaced with something that could be used to anti-spy? Counterintelligence is common in reality, so it would make sense in the game. It would change the role into something defensive rather than offensive. I don't have any specific ideas, but I just thought I'd put that out there.


-reply by Tuco

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Krits, some very good ideas, but... The spy is a hit and run charcter (am I right) and kills people in a instance, ie badwater cart and 4 people on it, you backstab them all and they all die, but with your toxic injecion pen idea they would probably realise and you might only kill 1 person in return for your death(it would only be good on snipers). I think the spys weapons need to be INPROVED not REPLACED. Maybe like a revolver that crits more often (people hate crits but it will help ALOT), a knife (that someone mentioned before) you can throw, and you could improve the amount of cloak and not change the sapper, because the sapper is fine how it is. If you like my ideas or dislike them please tell me, and any improvements would be helpful-TehHendu-reply by TehHendu

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Also I have been reading some other sites and have made a few more ideasWeapon #1Revolver replaced by: THE GRAPEL GUN**Can't be used when invisible, and also breaks disguise** Basically, you point it at any wall or ceiling, shoot and it will pull you up and hold you there for 30 seconds. Press jump to fall back down. The Grapel Gun would only go as far as say the start of the bridge to the enemy building on 2Fort.But I have added a twist. It is a instant kill from the front only but takes 10 seconds to take out of the body and wind up, the spy cannot do anything while he is doing this and is very susceptible to attack (just like the heavys sandvich)Weapon #2 Sapper replaced by: THE INVISIBLE SAPPER**Can't be used when invisible, but doesn't break disguise**Well the Invisible Sapper is almost the same as the normal sapper except it cannot be seen by the enemey, except for the engineer, but your own team can see it. Also the engineer doesn't say "spy sapping my sentry" (etc) alerting his teammates. This can be very helpful as the other team is unaware of your presance.Weapon #3Sapper replaced by: THE THROWING BUTTERFLY KNIFE**Can't be used when invisible, and also breaks disguise** Ever been stalking someone and cant catch up? Well the Throwing Knife is for you! If you press left and right mouse buttons at the same time it throws your knife 2 meters infront of you. You cant taget people from long distances because it doesn't have a long range. It only Instant kills from directly behind and takes 3 seconds to pull out of of your victims back. It still acts the same as the normal butterfly knife aswell.These are my ideas -TehHendu-reply by TehHendu

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Yeah with that injection thing mebe it could be like... You get 4 cartridges or whatev then when you inject an enemy they slow down, vision blur maybe or even halucinations D: like see enemies or friendlies that aren't really there and hp degen, kinda like a pyros burnObviously you can get rid of these symptoms via a medi-pack etc.And they wear off eventually by themselvesDunno, it's 5AM and I can't think straight XD-reply by Drummaah Boii

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I have done some thinking and here are my new ideasWeapon # 1 - Grapel Gun replaces the Revolver**Attacking removes disguise, not usable during cloak**Has a range of around 4 to 5 metres.Basically, you point it at any wall or ceiling, shoot and it and it will pull you up and hold you there. Press jump to fall back down. As Valve said, players rarely look up unless prompted, this would greatly increase viable hiding spots for spies, and also make for quick getaways. This weapon can kill if you shoot from the front but takes 7 seconds to pull out of your victims body leaving you in danger as you cannot move during this procedure. The gun takes 3 seconds to reload (if you miss when shooting)...Weapon # 2 - Invisible Sapper replaces The Sapper**Attacking does not remove disguise, not usable during cloak**When sapping a structure the Engineer always alerts his team by saying "Spy sapping my (insert structure name here)" automatically and the team will also see a sentry pointing down with a large sapper on it and they will know its a spy. So when you sap with the Invisible Sapper the sentry will look like nothing has happened to it (except for flames) and will not shoot anyone and will still die. Your team will see the sentry with a sapper on it and only the engie who made the sentry will also know but no one else will realise its sapped.In esence the engie wont say spy sapping my sentry, the enemy wont see the sentry with a sapper on it and the sentry will still die, so its almost like the old sapper.Weapon # 3 - The Flamer knife replaces The Knife**Attacking removes disguise, not usable during cloak**If you backstab a enemy Pyro then are flamed by another pyro in the same life you can go into cloak you will only burn for 2 seconds and the flames disapear. The only disadvantege is you only have 9 seconds of Cloak.If you like my new ideas or what to give me constructive feedback please tell me.-TehHendu-reply by TehHendu

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