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Diablo 2 D2pk Custom Private Pvp Private Realm Up for 2 years and in its prime

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You guys if you play Diablo 2 then listen up!


Love dueling? Then you will love D2PK.

Hmm...Where do I start?


Here is what D2PK is


Get 100% perfect characters level 99 in less than 2 minutes

Get gear at NPCs, and get level 99 and torch and anni from 1 monster kill


Then you duel all the time! Make builds you never have before, or be what you always wanted to be!


This is a GM Realm! Thats right. Not only are you not allowed to hack, but it doesn't work. I tried ;D


D2pk is a private server for Diablo II that is based on the Battle.Net Realms. Currently, we are using the highly updated 2.3a Patch which is mostly pvp related. This realm was designed and made to play Diablo II the way it was meant to be played, which means no cheating. Any member caught cheating will be banned. We have Several Diablo 2 communities such as D2PK (organized 4v4gm), organized clan dueling and more to come.


Trust me guys, I can't really explain it, it's too much! If you are a Diablo II fan, Please to god click here



I can help you with questions and stuff, register and then do /w *amir and I will help you if I'm on

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Alex aka vav is the worst host ever, he's almost never online he updates his patch rarely and when he do it its not really somthing big.. I can do what he did myself.. you guys think's he's good as ****.

for an exemple, at the Dungeon Of Prime evils there's some kind of a monster looking like a piece of Lego, well he just took an unused animation of blizzard. He's not making anything new all he does is take premade blizzard Graphics.

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ummm....Diablo 2 D2pk Custom Private Pvp Private Realm
Wow doesnt that take the fun of  playing diablo 2 away?...
Weres the fun of lvling and going trough the quest... Now if you want a real D2 p server, Then go look at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/;. Friendly mods/Admins and Friendly players. Lagless server. Updated Regularly. Come join the fun :)
-reply by DragonofRage

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