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Gas Prices Are Too High! Economic Failure

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As you know, Gas prices will continue to get higher and higher...and paychecks don't!


At this rate people living on minimum wage cannot afford gas. In turn, they cannot go to job, and then they cannot afford their house or appartment and then they will be homeless.


Public transportation is increasing their prices so that won't work either!


Soon less jobs around the world, businesses will fail, and economy will go down.


Even lets say they have, which they already do, a car that runs on nothing, lets just say it runs.

A Good price for it is 20,000, even though they'll have it right now, NOT MANY PEOPLE CAN AFFORD IT!

It makes no difference


IMO america should use their oil reserves in our country and sell it for cheap and do something, I don't know what, but SOMETHING, to make America very rich in the short spam 5-10 years so every person can afford a gas free car. Gas is running our country from trucks to cars to everthing you can think of


we need to be oil indepenant or we fail.




Second note, to show how much these people are getting for selling oil, Look at Dubai. Holy-freaking-crap!

Look they have many man made islands and in ski resorts and building tallest tower ATM the size of 3 empire state buildings!!


You should look at their projects


tell me how you guys feel

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the main issue i see hear is that we are all pretty much guilty of not wanting to adjust our lifestyles to accommodate the evolving global market.The issue is the demand for the product(gas) and the level of greed of the oil producing companies.You know there are hundreds, if not more patents on non-petrol based engines and you can guess who has control of those designs.There are alternatives such as riding bikes or car pooling, but that is not a realistic long term solution.One option i've seen that actually does work is called water4gas. I purchased one of the documentation set on this and after about a month of part-time experimenting, I have a home built HH gas system that gives me ~ 68 mpg on my saab turbo. it does pay a little havoc on my pvc value which drives the air to fuel mixture but with a couple of adjustments to the car's computer, it works perfectly.I laugh as i drive by when i see all these poor folks cringing as they watch the gas prices go up.I am currently working on a prototype that will be available to the general public in roughly 9 months.There are alot of considerations to pan out such as safety, car model specifics and alike.stop crying about the high oil prices and get active in making a solution. only you can make a difference.

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Wow that's amazing man, how your actually trying to do something about it. I never actually thought about that.I'm just too young I think really, but I think there never is an age to start doing something.If I don't get a car for my junior year, yes I'll be very mad, but I'll probably have to ride a bike to schoolOur metro costs 2 dollars everything you get on, and 2 dollars when you get off, that's too much and I can't afford it XDI wonder what people will do when oil itself, not just gas, starts to get expensive. I mean as like you know how billions of our products are made from oil? I wonder what happens when those start to get expensive.I think it's going to get really bad in the upcoming 10 years. I think if Obama does not become president, America will go into recession because McCain is old school washington, and Obama is all about new stuff.And you know how demacrats are about oil. :D Expect America to be richer because we will use our reserves and or drill for more.

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With price of gas the way it is now? I am thinking of 3 things.1 Just parking my car, and taking a bus or taxi.2 Going to the bank and taking a loan out, just to fill it up.3 Not being able to Pay rent or eatting for a month.What a choice?

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