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Should Technology Be Brought Into The Game Of Football?

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Many times if you look over history there have been controversial incidents within football, mainly goals, should football, FIFA, UEFA, or the FA try and bring in new forms of technology to get these key incidents right? The first few that bounce off the top of my head are: -

Hurst vs Germany ( :D ); 1966
Astle vs Leeds; 1971
Maradonna vs England; 1986.
Leeds vs Manchester United; 2002
Pompy earlier last season

ASTLE vs Leeds - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ (The rules in those days were that if any player was in front of the defensive line like the West Brom player was it was offside, irregardless if whether they were interfering with the play)

For those of you who more than likely don't know about the last two basicly the Leeds one cost Leeds a place in the Premiership in all fairness. It was 2002, coming to the end of the season, Leeds were in 3rd place at the time and Man United pretty much had the title sealed up.

It was 1-1, then Mills (I think) played a cross in, Wes Brown slid to try and cut the cross out and put it in his own net, linesman flagged offside, even though it was an own goal and didn't touch a Leeds player, this cost Leeds the full 3 points and it ended 1-1, Leeds missed out on the CL and finished 4th. If Leeds would of won that they'd of finished 2nd and would of been in the Champions League.

Pompy - Can't find it anywhere; Anyone help me out?

I think we should, but only to decide whether it is a goal or not, thoughts?

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I have said this before, there have been times where referee's have given red cards where it should have been no card or a yellow at most, if there were referees watching the play live they could slow the clip down and then we would know for sure.the trouble is the FA are a bu ch of rich businessmen and bank owners who have little knowlledge of football, they shoul;d be replaced by people who understand and love the game!!!

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