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Can't Go To Router's Configuration

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Hi People,


I am working on a network camera. So, this camera needs to be in the same network with the client PC.

As for the PC to be working with the camera in the same network, I use a router, Linksys WRT54G.


In the first place, the PC is connected to the switch.

The network cable, that initially connected my PC to the switch, now connects my PC to the router.

It's the same for the camera, it is connected to the router using network cable.


I checked my IP address and it had changed. I ping the router and everything was fine.

However, when I typed in the router's IP in the browser, it would say "NETWORK ERROR". I want to go to the router's configuration.


Can anyone tell me what is wrong? And how to solve the problem?

Any answer will be very much appreciated.




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So, the router is connected to both the PC and the Camera?"NETWORK ERROR" isn't terribly helpful, I'm afraid. Can you provide any more details on that error?

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are you using to get access? Sometimes the router can get a little weird. You might need to reset your router and reset your password to get in. I have the same router. If you can ping the router and you have dhcp running, internet, etc. it is working fine and probably just a little buggy and could use a reset.

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