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Hey, guys...


How can I build the following things.


I already made the simple administrator page where I may add some news to the web-site, but I need to make one more things described below. Please, help me if you can.


This is the way how it has to work. The process is described by two things of the illustrations:




The first picture (or brief description of the news) will be somehow placed on the main page, the main page may have several of those things. On the first picture, you may see that is marked by red named : "Full Descr." that I mean full description of the news.


When a registered user pressed it, it will lead to the second picture which is called kind of full news. Where comments are conducted, links are posted and so on.


The question is how I may do it or post some tutorials to follow?!

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Looks to me like you need a Content management system.Wordpress, Joomla, mambo, sNews. Google is your friend.

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