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Problem With My Email : [urgent] Cant send or receive email.

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Hi,I'm having a serious problem.I had a mail account set up through my Cpanel. My site is zoebelkin.co.cc and my mail server is mail.zoebelkin.co.cc!!! The mail account which I'm talking about is admin@zoebelkin.co.ccBut for a week I was not getting mail. Now that's wierd cause I get something around 10 mails daily. I then sent a mail from one of my other mail id at other mail host whose address is dave2@bluebottle.com just for testing my server. But the message didn't ever reach my mail server. I sent many other mails from some other mail servers but all failed. I checked that if outgoing was okay or not it also failed. So I'm writing this post. I had set a redirect at Account Level Filtering for admin@zoebelkin.co.cc to forward all mails to dave2@bluebottle.com, but it is also not working. No mails are getting forwarded. And nothing is being processed and my mail server is at a stand still. No mails are coming or going out of my mail server . I think that the mails are not getting forwarded to muy domain. I use Zone Records Service at co.cc my Domain Registrar. I need to assign some CNAMEs so I have to edit Zone Records. I can't point the name servers to your NS cause co.cc allows only to change either Zone Records or Name Servers not both at the same time..... and I really need Zone Recods so NS Pointing to your Servers is not possible for me. Also this setup was for me for at least a month and it never had a problem. I think some think messed up when you guys shifted your servers. I'm not blaming you guys but I just would want to ask you that could you please check out where the problem is. Please I need a remedy immediately.

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