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Richard Burns Rally (rbr)

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After reading another thread about rally games here at the trap, someone mentioned RBR as being their favorite rally game. I hadn't heard of it but I decided to give it a go. I looked around on the 'net to see what I could find and downloaded the game to check it out.

MY GOD! THIS IS ONE SERIOUS RALLY SIM! It responds like no other racing game I have ever played, the cars are not forgiving, but are very responsive and realistic handling. This game is 4 years old and still has a huge number of dedicated players/modders because this is known to be the most realistic rally sim about. The graphics are not great by our up to date standards, but honestly I am enjoying rallying so much they are certainly fine.


I would honestly tell anyone to give this game a try. It is amazing as realism goes and also fun to play. It takes a LOT to master! and I mean a LOT to get used to the way the cars handle, but stick with it and have patience and it really is great fun. I love it so much, its now got me into rally games, especially as the subaru is the car you get to use and it has always been a favorite of mine. I just ordered a Ł150 logitech steering wheel so I can experience the rallying in more realism rather than on a keyboard!

If you want to try the game I believe there is a demo, or it can be picked up for around Ł5 now it is four years old. Or if you really are feeling shady, don't kill me mods I have chosen words carefully, << Removed >> But please, if you like the game, buy it. :lol:

Notice from rvalkass:

No matter how carefully you choose your words, you're still saying the same thing :)
Remember that illegal software is not to be discussed anywhere on the forums.

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