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Ophthalmology In Ayurveda

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According to Vagbhata Samhita, there are 94 different diseases that attack eyes; Susrutha talks about 67 ophthalmologic diseases.


Nimi, the sage is considered to be the acharya of Netra Chikitsa (ophthalmologic treatment) and Sun the God of Eye. The different Ayurvedic Treatment options involved in Netra Chikitsa are Anjana (eye liner), Aschodana, Netra Tarpan, Pindi, Pudapakam, etc.


Keeping the lifestyle activities can help one keep his or her eyes healthy. The different reasons for most common diseases that affect the eyes are spending excess time in the sun, excess physical exertion, quickly moving to a cold place from a hot environment ? like jumping into a swimming pool while sweating, stare an object for long, sleeping at daytime, sleeplessness at night, etc.


There are different kinds of Thimira (cataract), which has treatments other than surgery in its initial stages. However in advanced stages, surgery is the only option. Night blindness and infectious diseases also have different treatment options.


There are also six classes of optic diseases classified based on tridoshas -Vataja, Pittaja, Kaphaja, samsargaja, sannipathaja, and rakthaja. The treatment is suggested after considering the physical peculiarities of a person. Shirovasti and Nasya are also administered for treating diseases that affect the eyes.

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