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Slavehack An online hacking GAME.

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I found this game about 620 days ago whilst surfing for some *cough* stuff *cough* on the internet, i thought hey why not play it it can't harm me, but i was wrong, this game has taken over 600 hours of my life away due to the addictingness of it. It's hard to get the hang of (or it was then because of the missing process page and the no tutorial), but now its easy.To 'survive' in the game you need a nice set of software (currently the max is 5.0 when i started it was 1.5) to achieve this software you have to do riddles, once you've completed the riddle (in a text file or a jpg image on the 'servers') you get another ip, you then goto it connect to it, log anyone else's ip that might be found in the logs (delete yours from it) download all the software then do the riddle on that. It sounds a bit tedious but its fun all the same.While your on the 'servers' you can install 3 different types of virus:1) Vspam, these use the servers CPU speed to send spam, somehow making you money (mass e-mails). This type of virus is mainly good for rep.2) Vshare, these use the servers internet connection to sell illegal warez (its all online not actually illegal) and making you money (and a little bit of rep you need the mix)3) Vddos, these are DDoS viruses, you install them on atleast 5 computers, then you launch a DDoS attack that can damage hardware (a good attack needs 18 of the top NPC (servers in game) this uses there cpu speed).Hardware:Processor:It ranges from 133Mhz cpu processor to a 4400Mhz processor costing 75000 euros.Connection:Ranges from 1mbit (free) to 1000.0 Mbit costing 1 500 001 euros.Hard drive:Ranges from 1gb (free) to a massive 2080.0 Gb costing 2 750 000 euros.External hard drive:Ranges from 0.3gb (i think) to 5gb (very small were campaigning to get it higher) costing 500000 euros.I hope you all sign up at slavehack.com;

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