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Zoe Belkin Fan Site A fansite for Canadian Actress Zoe Belkin

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I know this site is not very artistic but I've created it so that it can be seen on a 28 kbps modem with decent speed. So that it doesn't take a lot of time to load. So I've designed a template & used it to display page specific content. This helps me to cache the design & logos and change the [age specific content at a decent rate. I have myself tried to load the pages with 33 kbps modem and it loads in almost 5 secs for the first time and later for the next pages it just loads in a flash. Man it's awsome. I didn't think it will work in thios way. I designed it such way so that I can update my template easily. But never thought of this. On broadband it loads as if I'm working on my local machine. It's very very great. Please comment on the site. Please suggest me if there is any where space for development.


The link is http://zoebelkin.co.cc/

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help others

Zoe Belkin Fan Site


See I study in a boarding schooland I know how to let you some advise in heling the needy. Do some donation for the poorer because thy to course to God why are we so poor. If you help them it will be good for you and for them .Helping others includes animals , plants , and people. I have no more ideas but may be we could discuss together some time.My id is arthur_vieyra2001@yahoo.Com


So bye rebecca or zoe,


-feedback by arthur vieyra

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