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Domain Constants --- A, Mx, Ns & Cname Values What should I input for A, MX, NS CNAME Values at Domain Registr

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I have registered with Xisto for a Beta Hosting Acc. Its domain name is zoebelkin.co.cc . So what valuse should I put in the Host, Type & Value(Target) fields for my domain's A, MX, NS & CNAME Records at my domain registrar co.cc's CPanel.


I have two subdomains http://forums.zoebelkin.co.cc/ & http://gallery.zoebelkin.co.cc/.

My mail Server at Xisto is mail.zoebelkin.co.cc.

I'm hosted on 'gamma' Server ( http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ ).

IP for the 'gamma' Server is



So what exactly should be the values. I would appreciate if you give the details in a tabular format. eg. -


[This is a Sample in which I would like to have the answer, well you can always answer in any other format.]











I really want to know the exact values, cause I'm very much confused with all these values.


Thanks in advance.

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The only settings you need to change for your domain are the nameservers, which should be:



The A, MX and CNAME records are set on the nameserver, so changing them in your domain's control panel will make no difference at all. For my domains, that information is still at the defaults; all you need to change is the nameservers.


Once you've got the nameservers done then you just need to add the domain in cPanel as a Parked or Addon domain.

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