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Spring Coarse Fishing Tips?

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Evening trappers!Tis the eve before my fishing day tomorrow (can you tell i cant wait! Ive been waiting since about august to go coarse fishing again!) and as i live in the UK we are at about the end of the first third/half of spring, summer starts in earnest around June with May being late spring. I fear the fish may in face begin spawning soon, dependant on the weather so im hoping i get to the fish before the hormones do!Ive read the best water temperature for carp feeding is around 7 degrees C, tomorrow, and the last few days, the air temperature has been around 12 degrees C and i guess the average temp for the last 7 days or so has been around 9-10 so im hopeful that the water has warmed up enough to get the fish feeding better.The place im fishing has 3 lakes (its name is puddledock farm fisheries, its just off J29 of the M25 if you live in the UK) the one im most likely to fish is a mixed lake with a depth of about 5-6 feet (about 2m max) in the middle and gently sloping banks to about 1ft on the far bank and about 2-3 on the near bank. Silt bottomed and fairly empty as far as underwater features go. I know there is a lily bed that is out in the summer so im going to fish near/over that as i hope the lilies will be just growing again and attract the fish. I also intend to have the 3mph wind behind me (should be a nice SW wind by the time 1pm comes around) and fish on the island bank (the windward one as apparently fish find food there). As for baits I've got almost everything! I have pineaple pop-ups, about 10mm, probably wont use those, sweetcorn, probably maggots, bread and a few experimental baits, most of which hopefully give off oils/flavours into the water if all else fails, namely: Lemon juice as an additive, Vit C tablets as additive (i read carp are interested in Vit C in spring), chocolate spread (moulded onto bread probably) peanut butter, a gherkin (i have nothing to loose!), cut up beetroot and salt/sugar as additives. Yes I'm mad! the thing is it's fairly popular to fish and is really badly hit by those who dump a skip of ground bait in and then fish a football sized hookbait so im going to try the normal baits first (i have done very well on single/double corn over loose corn in the past with 10-20 2lb-4lb fish in the past) and if that fails go for stuff the fish have maybe never seen before and see how that goes. My main concern is the weather, i fear it may be too cold for them, im hoping though that as its April we have very showery weather (just the other day we had an hour or so of sunshine followed by 10 minutes of heavy rain and im some places hail and lightning, this cycle just repeated all day!) that the rain and sudden breezy winds have oxygenated the water as i know there isnt much in the way of aquatic plants as the water is very murky.Basically if anyone has any UK spring fishing tips do tell! Im sure i wont have time to check them in the morning but i will be able to confirm stuff that works and find out where (if) i went wrong ^_^ Spring fishing isnt really my thing, generally i fish for pike all year round but focus on them in the winter and go fishing with my grandad in the summer so spring/winter arent my coarse fishing times! Also does anyone know what an OAP EA fishing licence costs? Mine (adult) was ?25 for the season, (1st april-31st march for non-UK anglers) which i think is reasonable

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