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Ti Basic: Pick A Number

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Learn how to create a neat-o Game in TI Basic. Its basic premise is that someone picks a number, then they pass the calculator to their friend, and they try to guess the number. Once the successfully guess the number a message appears and says that they have won. I have also included a line that keeps users from choosing numbers greater than one-hundred.


Please Enjoy.


Try I Out


Alright.... just input what you see below and I'll explain it a little below.


:ClrHome:Lbl 2:Prompt A:A->X:If X>100:Goto 2:ClrHome:Lbl 1:Prompt B:B->Y:ClrHome:If X=Y:Output(2,1,"YOU WIN"):If X≠Y:Goto 1

O.k. so basically:

1. Asks the user 1 for a number

2. Ask the user 2 to guess the number

3. If user does not guess number correctly: guess again

If user does guess number correctly: Message says they win.


Have fun!


Command List (while in program mode):


Clrhome - press the PRGRM key, go to the I/O heading, select No. 8.

Lbl - press the PRGRM Key, select No. 9

Prompt - press the PRGRM Key, under I/O heading, select No. 2

> - press '2nd' key and press the math key, then select No. 3

Goto - press the PGRM key, then select No. 0

Output - press the PGRM key, under I/O heading, select No. 6

'=' and '≠' - press '2nd' key and press the math key, then select them respectively.

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