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Dagoth Nereviar

Spellbinder V3.0 (demo) New release =D

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SpellBinder V3.0! Download Link @ http://forums.xisto.com


SpellBinder is also taking idea submissions (With full credit given) ^_^


Links are in post #2 and #4



SpellBinder is an RPG game, made using Rpg Maker 2000, which allows the player to do whatever he wants. Instead of the game being linear and the player has to follow the main quest, in SpellBinder the player gets to do what you want. If you wish to spend all your time mining and smithing, you may. If you wish to do side quests for people, you may. You can join a cult, if you wish. Or if you do enjoy the linear games, you can do the main quest too!



You take on the roll of Nereviar, a much favoured adventurer of a small town called Mandaville. He and his best friend, Hobberus, has always wished to become part of the Templars of Steel. But simple assignments for the Templars send them into the arms of a once-thought-extinct group called the SpellBinders.



* Day and night systems,

* Days, months and seasons,

* Weather, which is dependant on what season it is,

* Random villagers, who will come and go randomly, and go inside at night,

* Ambient sounds; If you're in a forest, birds will twitter. If you're in a cave, there will be drips and monsters. You can, of course, turn this off,

* Gaurds who patrol the streets at night,

* Different cults to join,

* Several dungeons to explore,

* Quests,

* Fast travel map, a journal and map overview,

* Cooking, Crafting, Fishing, Mining and Smithing

* Random encounter enemies,

* Real song midis, from the band Sonata Arctica, Metallica, Zonata, Iron Maiden and Bleeding_Llama,

* A whole new menu system,

* A layout for the creating items, making it easier to do!

* A mini game for mining, in which you have to move left and right and get as many ores that come at you!

* A mini game for fishing. You have to move around as the "bouy" or "net" and press the use key when you hit a fish, you then have to go back to yourself and press the use key to reel them in!

* Time and date on the menu,

* Reputation. Do good things, and people will like you. But do evil things, and they may stop talking to you.

* And lots more!


Thanks to

Dagoth - Coding, maps, graphics, website and testing,

Bleeding Llama - Helping with the music and major testing,

Hob - Testing, awesome ideas,

Doyle, Mike - Testing,

GamingWorld - All the RM resources,

Land Of Silence - Sonata Arctica midis,

Maiden Midis - Iron Maiden midis,

MidiDB - Metallica midis,

911 Tabs - Zonata Guitar Pro files.

Screenshots (For more visit SpellBinders myspace https://myspace.com/browser

Posted Image

Church Of The Six


Posted Image



Posted Image

Fishing mini-game


Posted Image

Mining mini-game


Posted Image

Menu System


Thank you to all those who download and/or reply =D

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New Patch out! The fixes are:
* New songs,
* Bug fixes to new areas.

Download links are here and on my website :P
Patch V3.1 (The Original is needed ASWELL as the patch!)

Original V3.0 (However, I got rid of the basic RTP files, so people who have downloaded SpellBinder/RM2k/other RM2k games, dont need to re-download.

I don't know if I can suply a link to a website, legal reasons and that ^_^ being paranoid but meh...but if you google "RTP Rpg Maker 2000" you should be able to find it.

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SpellBinder V3.2 Patch out now :lol:

Link here

Updates to V3.2* A huge bug fix which allowed you to basically mess up the main quest,
* A fix to the encounter rates,
* Fast travel to Ingurg Canyon now enabled,
* Updates to Ingurg Canyon,
* A new song from Bleeding_LLama; "Prog",
* An updated version of "Retard Song" * A few new enemies and enemy updates,
* Two new Loot Containers: "Angel Feathers Pile" and "Skeleton Bone Pile".

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