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Wordpress 2.5 Released

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The latest version of Wordpress is out now with a new UI and a lot more features.

the recent release is Wordpress 2.5, download it from here

the new release includes the following features,

* Cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard
* Dashboard Widgets
* Multi-file upload with progress bar
* JPEG : EXIF extraction
* Search posts and pages
* Tag management
* Password strength meter
* Concurrent editing protection
* Few-click plugin upgrades
* Friendlier visual post editor
* Built-in galleries
* Salted passwords - impossible to bruteforce
* Secure cookies
* Inline documentation
* Database optimization
* Media buttons

and a lot more features like automatic upgradation of the blog and so on, so check it out :lol:

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It was already released on the 29th of March, so posting it here doesn't really qualify as a FIR, does it? In anycase, I have already upgraded my blog to 2.5 and am currently in the midst of designing my theme which would make use of all the new features 2.5 will offer; namely the in built gravatars function. What are your thoughts about 2.5?I like the new admin colors, but getting round to posting still needs some adjusting too, just not used to the post specific information like categories, custom fields ... etc being dragged all the way down. Did I say saving the post or deleting it feels so unfamilar?On the good side, absolutely love the 1-click plugin update and the multi upload function. I am also glad they actually fix the RSS feed problems, now it can actually show the whole feed instead of the exerpt when you use the <!--more--> tag in your post. There are more positives than negatives in this release in my opinion.

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Yes.. it was released.. some days back.... before that.. its Beta testing was going on.. since quite a while.. I too upgraded to it just yesterday. facing a lot of compatibility issues.. But then resolved them all :lol:.. rightly speaking.. it is just great. The Dashboard is cool.

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The new version of Wordpress rocks.i really love the Automatic Plugin Upgradation and the Inbuilt Multimedia support.The Admin interface is awesome and is so neat & elegant. Great work done by the HappyCog.the new redesigned Wordpress site also looks cool ^_^Worpress is my all time favourite publishing platform :P

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