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Can You Be ?god?s Beggar? ask God to give us a compassionate heart

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Jeremiah 22:16 says,

He judged the cause of the poor and needy; then it was well. Is not this to know me? says the Lord.

A Roman Catholic priest from the Netherlands founded in 1947 Aid to the Church in Need, initially to help war ravaged Germans. He knew that plenty of food was available in his community and so he asked for food from people instead of money. People responded overwhelmingly and eventually he was called the The Bacon Priest.

However, later he started mobilizing funds as well for helping others. By the time he died in 2003 at a ripe old age of 90, it is said that he had collected more than two billion US dollars for charitable causes. Another interesting habit of his was that he used to pass around his worn and old hat to collect funds, playfully telling, Brethren, the hat is old and has many holes, so no coins please. Only notes! And he had been fondly and rightly nicknamed as Gods beggar.

Giving away to someone who begs of you is charity. But, begging for somebody elses need is sacrifice! Today many of us may not be able to meet the needs of others. But we surely know who can help. We must be willing to serve as a conduit between those who are ready to help, and those who need this help. This is the need of the hour. The Lord is looking for such people who will not mind losing their honour and prestige in order to glorify the Lord by being ready to be called Gods beggar just like that Catholic priest.

So let us ask God to give us a compassionate heart that we may be sensitive to the needs around us and mobilize resources, not for a selfish cause but for the alleviation of poverty around us.

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