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Be Expeditious With Your Time And ask God to help you with His Holy Spirit to be expeditious with yo

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While thanking Him for the opportunityof time , we must pretty well admit that TIME IS PRECIOUS. Jonathan Edwards, the famous man of God during the 18th century said,

Time is precious because it is short, it is unpredictable, it is also uncertain, and most of all spent time can never be recovered.

(abridged) We have already spent three weeks of the year! Much can be done in the available time. What have we done or what have we left undone? Let us give a self-check. Let us always remember that time wasted is time lost!

While checking the past, we must be ready to admit that anything left undone only puts us under an obligation to complete the same along with other things to be done and as such we have much lesser time left to do both. When God gives us a day, he sets out certain tasks for us to complete, and by the end of the day He will surely call us to account for and if we have not done something or if we had wasted the time in idleness, then we will cut a sorry figure before Him. We cannot spend time in fruitless gossip because the Bible warns,

for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment.

(Matthew 12:36)
Dear friends, are you sure that you could give proper account to God without any guilt whatsoever, for the day and time He had given you. If you are doubtful, then go back to the Bible and find out whether you are doing and will continue to do whatever the Word of God commands to do. And ask God to help you with His Holy Spirit to be expeditious with your time and execute His instructions.

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