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Wolfteam A Free Mofps

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Wolfteam is a Wolf VS Human first person shooter. Where players gain money and experience is persistant. Which means you'll buy a weapon

for 1-3-7-30-90days. More usage time for a weapon means it'll be more expensive. This game is currently in openbeta. Which means there won't

be any whipes and is about to release a New Content Patch (7 New weapons and 3 New Maps).


The game uses a p2p Connection system, which means you won't be playing on real servers but rather a live connection from computer to omputer

which means that IF someone lags, the lag hard. Well resource wise its an ok idea. But meh. There are a couple of cheaters, from game to game.

but it's best to just avoid further confrontation. They get banned daily, and the wolfteam-team (hah) is very active on the banning of cheaters.


You've got a few modes right now. Wolf vs Human capture the flag - You choose either wolf or human and start capturing bases. A-B-C-D-E. You win if

all 5 bases (or flags) are captured. Or the time limit is nill. Wolves get to choose from 4 types of wolves. Normal Wolf, Fighter wolf (a stronger wolf

moderate speed), Gaurdian (most hp and armor points, but slow speed) and ghost (which can go invisible if you STAND still. Lowest HP and AP but

is the fastest of all). Humans get to use all the bought weapons from the shop and get one extra weapon (which is the stationary turret).


And a few screenshots of the game.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image



Team Deathmatch - Your shoot and Claw everyone up of the opposing team mode. Here you can change back from wolf to human and vica versa-

back. It's fun.


Defuse the Bomb - As the name applies, its a defuse the bomb mode. Sorta like Counter Strike. But with wolves and no buy rounds. The addition of turning into

wolves does make this game alot more dynamic (wolves run at a speed of +20%), have 100 Armor Points (which can be recharged through a "Howl") can run

on walls and have a higher resistance to grenades (so if a grenade falls near you, quickly change to wolf to sustain less damage)


More weapons and maps will be added Soon and previously stated and you can start a pride (a clan). This game has a decent amount of players

so even if its late, you can still find people to play with. Anyhow thats all i've got to say about this. The community is ok-ish in numbers but could use some

filtering out. (country wise) ie people from North America should Not join European area cluster. (you can choose a Area to play in and this being a p2p

connection system it does interfere with the play value).


Heres the link to the site for more information: link


Have fun and Good luck --

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Need help, please reply!!WolfteamWell I have encountered some problem about registration. Now I have already created four account of wolf team from softnyx website and none of them could be used. When I finished typing all information required for registration, I do as what they instruct and they said congratulations. However when I check my mail, no activation or validation request from softnyx. So, I tried to log in on wolfteam launcher and I am not allow to access because it is not registered. Please tell me why is this happen? what should I do? I have tried several time to log in on softnyx - wolfteam websites but they said it is not registered too???? Please help me>...-question by Dylan

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