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How To Become A Champion This is what every one wants to be today

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One famous race car driver said,

No matter how well you start, or what make of the car you possess, or the cost of the car, the people will surely forget you before tomorrow dawns, if you dont finish well in the race.

If you watch a car race, you will witness many drivers starting and picking up fast, but gradually losing their speed and falling behind.
Also, you will find some who were racing behind suddenly surging ahead of others in the final laps. But, surely there will be one who will start well, drive steadily and finish well ahead of others in style. HE IS THE CHAMPION who will claim the cup

let us check our life how well are we finishing the 3rd month of this year , just a week to go. Probably we started the year with great enthusiasm, with great plans and with great expectations. Did we run the race properly through the very first month? Were we able to run steadily and ahead of others? Or are we still lagging behind?

It is also possible that we pulled out of the race and returned to our worldly lifestyle. The Lord wants us to spend sometime to recollect how we lived in the past days. He wants us to take stock of the situation, and make amends right now that we may continue to run as expected by Him in the coming months.

Dear friends, remember what that race driver asserted

No matter how well you started, the finish is important.

But, there is no need to fret, if your performance during the month is not to your satisfaction. There are nine more months to go in the year. Another opportunity is coming up! Let us thank God and grab it with added fervor and commitment.
Now remember what the Bible says about running a race

Therefore let us lay aside every weight and the sin , and run with endurance the race that lies before us,

(Hebrews 12:1)

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