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Firefox 3 Dream Package Updates Extentions that Have been Updated up to 3preb5

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With Firefox 3 beta 4 out, and firefox 3 beta 5 on it's way I thought I go through my topics and update the lists of extensions that are currently up to this version of the browser. As it seems every time I run firefox more and more of the extensions that I get that don't work seems to be getting updated, which is a good thing because there are some good ones. So what I did was update the topics themselves but to help everyone else out I will produce a list of current ones on this topic for a centralized update. I will list the package name and then the extensions for that category.



Firefox Extension Dream Package #1 : Web Design Tools


Web Developer Extention


IE Tab


Opera View


Firefox Extension Dream Package #3: Quirky One's


Advance Dork


Router Satus


Auto Fill Forms


Google Icon


Site Delta


Firefox Extension Dream Package #4: New Google Batch


Google Preview


Google Define


Firefox Extension Dream Package #5: Last of 2007


Google Preview




Though there are some extensions that are available for ff3b2 and ff3b3 it wouldn't make sense to list them as we know b2 went horrible wrong with the acid test, and b4 is more updated then b3 as well. Hopefully with b5 coming and hopefully the final release I can update all these extensions properly. Also as I was looking at my package topics it came to me that package 4 and 5 are pretty mixed up and so I moved all the google stuff from 5 to 4 and the non google stuff from 4 to 5. Also I am adding a few new extensions which I discuss here and then just update the listings there.


RSS Ticker


Now this is a useful extension to have, especially for our trappers here, this extension basically load a new ticker at the bottom of the firefox browser of the lates "live bookmarks" you have on RSS feed's you have save, very customizable, and easy to figure to set up as well. So if there is a post you like you just click on one of the topics and you are there, but a warning it will be in lo-fi so you will have to scroll down to the bottom and then click to see the full version. Yeah it sounds like it is a bit more work then it needs to be, but it still is useful if don't have time to post and see a for topics you might want to post in quickly.


Firefox Version




Download Link





Customize Google


Put it like this I would rate it as the second best extension right under the web developer toolbar, you have complete contorl of how your google search will look like to the point that this extension removes those next links and streams in your next 10 results when you scroll to the bottom. Which means your search timing is reduce by even more seconds and saving you precious time on that project. Heck you can ever remove those google ad's on the search results as well which I really like they also have options for videos, gmail, images and more. So if you have all these google extensions install your google experience will be better then ever, more optimize, more efficient and saving more time in your google searching needs.


Firefox Version




Download Link




Well that is it for extension updates, themes are being update but I leave that to those who use them and what not.

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