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Preaching The Gospel

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Long ago during the colonial days, in India a missionary was confronted by a British Naval officer. He asked, ?Hey, why don?t you people (meaning the mission workers) stay back at home and mind your business?? The missionary looked at him sternly and asked, ?Officer, if you are asked to leave immediately to be at China tomorrow by your Commander what will you do?? The Naval officer did not expect that question. Startled, he said, ?Why, I will immediately obey and leave for China at once.? Smilingly the missionary replied, ?I am doing a similar thing. My Commander Jesus asked me to GO and MAKE disciples for Him from all the nations, and India is the nation He has chosen for me. So only I am here, obeying the Great Commandment.? Preaching the gospel is our prime responsibility as well as duty. If we fail to do so, then the Lord will surely account our lapse as a serious one. We are called to go into ALL THE WORLD and to preach to ALL CREATURES! It may not be possible for every one of us to go to many places to profess the gospel. But, see what the gospel according to John says: ?(it) should be preached in His name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.? Let us start in our neighborhood, which is our Jerusalem, and then slowly launch out into other parts of the country, then to the nations. That is the sequence we learn from the Book of Acts! Do not wait for an opportunity to fly abroad, to start preaching the gospel. If you cannot speak the good news here, you will not be able to speak about it anywhere. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the right words, the right attitude, and the right courage to bring many of your neighbors to Christ with His power.

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