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A Question Regarding Rule 16 Of The Tos And a request for a name change.

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I must admit that when I joined Xisto, I did not immediately read the terms of service--this is, after all, a forum, and my general experience with forums has been to simply use common sense. However, after achieving 30 credits, I began to look into how to apply for default hosting--and saw that I was in violation of a rule I did not know about. My username is the name of my organization, which is what I plan on my site being about--I thought this was appropriate, given the nature of this forum.

However, looking at the rules I can see the pretense for all of them, including this one. So, I must question the wording of the rule:

16. Signing up a user name that is a obvious domain name or product name will be removed. This is out of unfair promotion considerations as well as trademark implications.

My question with this rule revolves around the word "obvious"--I have explicitly stated that my username refers to the organization I am getting web services for, which does not seem to be in violation of the rule. My domain name indeed contains my username--however, I am not sure this is obvious. I personally do not think so. Am I breaking the rules?

If not, then I have no issue, and thank you for letting me know.

If I do, then I would kindly request a name change.


note: I am not posting my username here, so as to increase the practicality of changing my username.

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Well your the first to ask this question but basically in order to break that rule from my understanding of it, your user name would have to be http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. Something like that would be obvious, but since I have been here some members including myself have used our names as part of the domain, but I think the example I mentioned above constitutes what that rule is referring to. Of course those who have user names like that are usually money spammers and what not so you should be fine.

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You should be fine.the rule in the TOS are to cover situations where a Member is using a copyrighted name, (ie: google) as their log-in.Obviously, google is too busy indexing our sites to bother making posts on the Trap. <_<

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