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Toolbars why many websites are begging you to install their browser toolbar, wh

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some websites are asking you to download their toolbar from a useful one like google toolbar to harmful one like websearch toolbar and some provide service only if their toolbar is installed (example: mega upload).


whats browser toolbar?


Third-party toolbars for browsers are best known for adding functionality and ease-of-use options to the end user. While the browser itself handles basic browsing navigation (Back, Stop, Reload, etc) using its own toolbars, external toolbars often add additional functionality to browsers (additional search fields, form-fill, links back to popular sites. etc)

- why they ask you to install their toolbar? here you find few reasons:


The best way to keep visitors coming back to your site is to integrate your site directly into their copy of Internet Explorer. This is a must have for search engines (Google do this with great success with their toolbar at toolbar.google.com) and all the portal sites, this software offers you the opportunity to do the same.


Your own toolbar makes your web site easily accessible for your users and is there every time they start Internet Explorer. This is the ultimate in "Sticky" tools which boost your traffic. Every visitor who downloads your toolbar will come back again and again and again.

why you can not trust all of them?


While third-party browser toolbars also add functionality for the end user, they are considered by IT professionals as a White elephant, due to security flaws introduced between the toolbar and browser programs. Moreover, a large number of third party toolbars are made for this express purpose. Posing as Search Bars, these persistent Trojan Horse viruses often act as a "foot in the door" to other viruses and spyware, in addition to bombarding the user with advertisements. Another common attribute of these toolbars is the fact they cannot be disabled or uninstalled by any traditional means, and may require a power user or a computer technician to remove them. Of course, many browser toolbars are harmless.

thats why some people say "Sneaky Toolbar Hijacks Browsers"


questions are:


* have you installed toolbars?

* what are they?

* did you find them useful?




if you are interested to see a toolbar design software have a look at http://www.besttoolbars.net/index.php

or for ASP codes go to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


Notice from rvalkass:

Anything copied must have Quote tags placed around it. Added where necessary.

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Personally, I have never used toolbars and never will. Some may say that the Google Toolbar is useful, but I have always found it just as distracting as all the others. I have also tried MSN and Yahoo's toolbars, and found them to be very lacking. Really, anything you need to do can be done with a standard browser.Most especially, this is true with Firefox, which has far better features than any toolbar could ever get for you. There is, for example, a search box which you can add to your browser which can access a huge number of different sites (mine is currently set to 6, with engines like Google, Amazon, and Ebay).Toolbars do these very same things (which can easily be obtained from Firefox plug-ins) but are much more bulky and tailored to the specific purpose of the company who creates it, not to you, the end user.

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I have used MSN toolbar, and google toolbar.I found that MSN toolbar didnt help me atall, just annoyed me, andsat there just begging me to get rid of it. and thats what id did after 10 minutes of being "amazed" by the "wonders of windows live toolbar"...however I like google toolbar,The pageranking is VERY good, although you have to share your browsing, but i dont really mind...The popup blocker is brilliant for a free one, infact, just as good, if not beter, than ones i have used that were included in expensive security pacages.It has many other useful features too!I have tried many other toolbars, but most require you to install adware or spyware, and uninstalling it is illegal ;)Many of these toolbars overate themselves just to get the adware on your PC. then the toolbar is useless...

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