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Jesus Came Only To Do Father?s Will! In accordance with the Bible

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One night as Williams ( a believer) was travelling home from his office, he was reading about Luke?s account of the crucifixion. There were two other men in the compartment. One was an Englishman and the other an American.The Englishman suddenly fell on the floor of the compartment and had a convulsive fit. The American leapt to help him, loosened his dress and put his handkerchief into the Englishman?s mouth to keep him from biting his tongue. The American said to Williams, ?Both of us fought in the Korean war together, I was wounded and alone. This Englishman came and carried me to safety. Just as we were arriving at a safe position, a bomb landed beside us and the next thing we knew was that we were in the hospital. When I became better, I returned back to America. But then I heard that this Englishman would never get better. I left my job, broke off my engagement and came to England to look after him. You see, he did that for me. There is nothing I cannot do for him.? By that time the train arrived at the next station and both of them got out Williams was left alone in the compartment. He continued to read the story of the crucifixion with the voice ringing in his ears, ?He did that for me, there is nothing that I cannot do for Him?. He closed the Book, knelt in the compartment of the train and gave his life to Christ. So we learn that, Jesus shed His blood for us to redeem us from the slavery of sin and to give us eternal life. How can we afford to be ungrateful to Him? Is He not our Redeemer? How can we ever reject Him? Let us kneel down before Him and accept Him as our Lord. He came to execute His Father?s will. Let us also do His will. Let us offer ourselves as instruments for His service.

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