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A Camp With A Difference - The Final Day Its good to attend camps for Spiritual Development

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The final day was full of reminiscence and this was shown in the sharing session with four students reaffirming their decisions to become missionaries and a handful vowing to submit to God?s obligation. The final two sessions taught us about campus witnessing and involvement and also empowered us with the Holy Spirit for executing the same. Thus ended the camp, apparently on a high note.We had a group talk one night where we were made to chalk out the plans which each group had for their college, and we prayed earnestly as a group asking for God?s help in implementing these plans successfully. Besides, we were shown a movie on William Carey and how he responded to the Lord?s call to India, in spite of being fully aware of the consequences. This proved to be highly inspirational for budding missionaries like us, who would have to take some bitter choices in the future in order to fulfill the commission. We also had a two-by-two combined with the games session, and this was a time of sweet repose for the girls and a ?brawl for the ball? on the football field for the boys!The difference and beauty about this camp was that all its sessions were cohesive and were in sequence. First we were clarified with the meaning and the purpose of missions. Subsequently was proffered its biblical basis followed by the status quo and methods of tackling it. I came to know that this was not planned, but it just happened! Hence, with a heart bursting with conviction to take on the great commission, we left the place speaking to the Lord in a silent whisper as in Isaiah 6:8? ?Here am I. Send me.?

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