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Police: Man Forced Girl To Kill Pet Cat What??

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Ok, this guy comes home drunk (I don't where he was in the first place) and basically tries to get his kids to kill the cat. He then puts a knife in his daughter's hand, wraps his hand around hers, and stabs the cat. He's got a few charges against him that are listed in the article....yea...too lazy to type em out or copy / paste it.

My thoughts: Ok, this guy seriously mess up his daughters mental development now, if he hadn't already before. Though the article hints that he's a jerk when he's drunk, there is nothing that states that he didn't beat his kids or something. I wouldn't put it past him, however. And what I mean by mental development, she won't grow up and be a normal chick...she will have some mental issues....she may need a psychiatrist or psychologist. (Yes, there is a difference...) Anyways I really want this guy convicted, mostly because he's a sadistic jerk who's weird enough to stab a cat. I mean, this poor girl is going to be having nightmares about this for years to come, AND she's going to be thinking she's the one who did it. This guy is pathetic.

edit: sorry about cursing. >_<
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